Poppy Rowan

Poppy Rowan, gettin’ the beats goin’. My look is always in rhythm. My look is too fly.

Major: Music Engineering

Fashion Style: Fresh, Cool, Butterfly

Poppy is the monarch of music at Rainbow High. She flutters between genres, but always comes up with something that’s fresh and new. Everyone at Rainbow High looks up to her bold taste in music and creative ear for new beats. She’s the go-to DJ for everything at RH, because she knows the right music can set the vibe for the entire event.

Poppy is the social butterfly of the group, and her easy-going personality means she fits in just about everywhere- even with the ultra-fabulous A’s who rule the school. She loves to take risks with her looks, and shoes are one of her favorite statement pieces. See her flaunting her hip hop vibes with unique mixes of glam and streetwear, perfect for when she’s accepting her future Grammy.