Mimi Koinu

I discovered little Mimi as a second-hand doll on the Den of Angels doll market. With my love for LUTS branded BJDs, I knew I wanted to bring this puppy girl home! She already came outfitted with everything I would have customized for myself, including her adorable purple/pink blushing and face up! Mimi is the smallest BJD in my collection.

Dollie Details


19cm (7.4 in.) Tall yoSD Size
Zuzu Delf Type 2 Body
Resin Color: White
Company: LUTS
Zuzu Delf “Bichon”

Character Profile

Mimi Koinu

Age: 5

Occupation: Kinder-School

Location: Unknown

Bio: TBD

Siblings: Mishka Nekomara (Sister)

*Mimi will not be featured in the main BJD story, but will possibly star in her own story with Mishka, in the future*

Style Profile

Mimi is an easy-to-please girl. She enjoys all things pink and loves to draw pictures, skip and sing. She’s never without a smile on her face and makes friends wherever she goes.