The Kindi Kids

Summer Peaches

Life’s just peachy for this warm and friendly Kindi Kid! Summer Peaches always has her head in a book during lunch so she can feed her imagination. This fruity cutie has a desire to inquire. She likes asking questions, but loves making up answers even more! 

Favorites: Peach smoothies, peaches n’ cream popsicles, and reading

Marsha Mello

A little softy that’s sweet as candy, Marsha Mello is always bouncing off the walls with excitement! She treats the whole world like it’s a jumping castle. Big fan of fluffy, Marsha goes gaga over anything that’s cute, cuddly and colorful!

Favorites: Cake pops and cupcakes, cocoa with marshmallows, CareBears


Mystabella has stars in her eyes and on her shoes! This Kindi Kid is already following her dreams. Although her dreams are pretty wild- like being a Unicorn Princess! But if that job falls through there is always something else creative to do like acting, singing, or painting! Life’s great when you create!

Cindy Pops

Cindy Pops has the sweetest bedside manner! With her silly Shopkins she’s always joking around with her patients because laughter is the best medicine. There’s a smile on everyone’s face when the Kind Kids visit because they know they’ll be leaving with a lollipop.

Rainbow Kate

Positive vibes always surround this bright-hearted kid. There is never a dull moment when Rainbow Kate comes to Kindergarten. Bright and buzzy, this sugar-fueled cutie can never stay still. Even lunch is eaten on the go and fun is the main ingrediant in her lunchbox!


There is always a “hole” lot of fun to pack into Donatina’s day. Here Motto: “Worry free’s the way to be!”. With dough in her bow and a happy-go-lucky nature, she makes friends everyone and everything. When you’re feeling down, Donatina is the one you want “round”.

Peppa Mint

Very shy, but super sweet, Peppa-Mint loves new adventures – as long as someone else goes first! Lunch is her favorite part of the day especially when there’s an ice cream in her lunch box. If there’s not one there, get ready for a meltdown!