Lilith Darkchild

Dollie Details


40.5cm (15.9 in.) Tall MSD Size
Big Baby body type
Resin Color: Pale Puce (Light Purple)
Company: Aimerai
Sculpt: Stardust

Character Profile

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Location: N/A

Bio: Lilith is a spunky little girl. She’s opinionated and can be quite loud when she needs to be. For the most part, her sweet disposition wins the trust of all her girl classmates, but it’s the dark and gruesome side of her the school yard boys are afraid of. Her dark sense of humor has often had adults express her likeness to Wednesday Addams…she takes this as a compliment despite it not being one.

Style Profile

Lilith’s gothic Lolita style is dawned to keep the school yard bullies away..or is she the bully? She’s rarely seen without her knee-high buckled combat boots; unless Momma says otherwise. Despite her favorite color being black, she can be spotted at times wearing other things.