Krystal Bailey

If you didn’t hear it from me, you didn’t hear it.

Major: Journalism

Fashion Style: Fresh, Daring, Newsworthy

Krystal is the editor-in-chief for the school magazine, The Rainbow High Scene. Here opinion is EV-RY-THING. She’s all about chasing the latest scoop and getting to the real deets of what’s going on at the school.

Krystal began writing at just 4-year-old, and went on to break every story in her hometown before finding her passion in writing about the arts. She took out every book in the library on visual and performing arts, and interviewed every fashion designer, playwright, street artist and animator in town. Artists love her, and she loves art. At Rainbow High, there’s no higher honor for a student, or their work, than being covered by Krystal. Krystal always seems to have all the info- word is, she’s got eyes and ears all over the school.

And, though she wants her words to be main story, her style is always worthy of headlines with her casual chic look with daring details and pops of silver. Her style and her talent earns her a place as one of Rainbow High‘s tastemakers.