Jade Hunter

Maybe I’ll get a therapy tarantula. Just ’cause. This is me. Any questions?

Major: Cosmetology / Makeup Artistry

Fashion Style: Sporty, Edgy, Original

From first glance, Jade seems like the moody and misunderstood girl at Rainbow High, and she likes it that way. She can only be satisfied by being 110% true to herself, and that means never following trends or doing anything that might make her “fit in”. Makeup is her favorite way to express herself and she loves to shock everyone with dramatic loss that everyone has to admit look gore-geous!

She has one of the most daring fashion styles of anyone. While most girls at RH may tend toward skinny jeans, cute skirts and tailored jackets, she’s all about looser cuts and dramatic streetwear silhouettes, all while being comfy and bold.