Amaya Raine

Be bold, like the rainbow!

Major: Fashion Design

Fashion Style: Rainbow, Daring, One of a kind

Amaya’s stand out style with dramatic textures and edgy details are a perfect fit for Rainbow High. She’s a fashion designer, who made a big name for herself in her small town, because she wasn’t afraid to stand out. She creates showstopping looks with vibrant colors and glam details. She dreams of setting major fashion trends. Amaya can’t wait for here chance to attend her dream school, but Rainbow High won’t be exactly like Amaya expected.

Fortunately, Amaya is as bold and daring as her fashion designs, because she’ll have to turn her color up and embrace her rainbow to make her mark in a school full of so much amazing talent. Amaya’s one-of-a-kind style and spirit will truly make the runway come to life.