February 2021 Switch Favorites

Hey doll friends 🙂

You may have noticed things have been quiet on my YouTube Channel lately. Last week I underwent oral surgery. In my anxious state I forgot all about planning videos ahead, so I am on a bit of a hiatus until I can get to recording again. During my time recovering, I found I was free to enjoy my Nintendo Switch more! I purchased the limited edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch last March during the release of the new Animal Crossing New Horizons game. It was also around the time the first COVID-19 lockdowns had taken place so I had more time then to play with it. I’ve been back at the office since then, so my game system had collected a bit of dust.

In the last couple of weeks though, I have fallen in love with it all over again. I’ve taken to YouTube and discovered some new favorite Switch content creators, accessories and…games! Today, I wanted to share them with you all. I enjoy many things aside from my doll collection, so I want to share them here.

Switch Content Creators

A Casual Gamer \\ While browsing YouTube for video game playthroughs, I came across this content created named Kat. Kat is definitely my “type” of gamer. She enjoys handheld video game play most and she leisurely plays. She’s not focused on this hobby from a business perspective or even a professional gamer (with world record titles and such). She plays in her spare time just for fun and relaxation! Her YouTube channel is fairly new but her audience is growing quickly and I enjoy her content. She has quite a soothing voice, too 🙂 It was Kat that really got me interested in playing more games on my Switch, lately.

PokiPuffs \\ Megan’s YouTube content is a whole aesthetic! From the games that she plays to her cool gaming setups, she’s a girl after my own heart with all her pink stuff! Aside from her cute sense of style, she plays and reviews some really kawaii games. My latest favorite game was actually a recommendation from PokiPuffs’ review. This channel highlights gameplay for the Nintendo Switch as well as the PC.

SharkyGames \\ This YouTube content creator is to new to my subscribed list as I only recently downloaded the game Stardew Valley. Anytime I had a question, I was sure to find an answer on Chris’s channel! His content is very interesting to watch with detailed explanations and play throughs for this game. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide that’s easy to follow and entertaining, SharkyGames is for you.

Nintendo Switch Games

Calico by White Thorn Games \\ Who knew that I’d fall in love with a game just as much as Animal Crossing New Horizons?! In steps Calico. This game is super kawaii and I really enjoy the watercolor art style and pastel aesthetic. The music is soothing and I can enjoy a relaxed game play without getting bored. The premise of this game starts you off as a Cat Cafe owner in a village populated with diverse beings. Your task is to run the inherited Cat Cafe by making baked goods and stocking cuddly cute animals to hang out at your establishment. You’re also put to the test of fulfilling quests for villagers and nearby towns people. These quests open up more areas of the island map to explore. A long the way, you can collect furniture and decor items, clothing/accessories, new recipes for the cafe and fun toys for your cafe pets to play with. I’m not sure if this game has an end, but I’ve been trying to play it slowly as not to reach it too quickly if it does! The Switch version of this game does have a few hiccups and glitches, but I honestly think it adds to the whimsical, almost comic, charm of the game. Only $11.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop.

Selfy Collection: The Dream Fashion Stylist by GCrest \\ Anyone who knows me, knows that I love fashion and dressing up! I can spend hours just designing a character on the intro of a game. In Selfy Collection, you can do just that! You work as a budding fashion designer in a boutique, styling clients and fulfilling their fashion requests. As you level up, more fashion shops are unlocked to you and your inventory of clothes and accessories expands. Although this is super cute, I found it a bit annoying to decipher some of the instructions as it is translated to English from another language (most likely Japanese or Korean). However, I am sure I’ll get the gist of it with more play time. This game costs $19.99 USD on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Stardew Valley by ConcernedApe \\ This farming simulation game is definitely unique and so far, seems to live up to its hype. It’s definitely NOT like Animal Crossing New Horizons, as so many people have compared it to. I never cared for 8-Bit style games, but this one is beautifully done and easy on the eyes. The mechanics of the game are very detailed, as well as the story line. My only downside is you’re pretty much thrown into it, with no real tutorial on how to do things. I’ve been looking up YouTube guides (like SharkyGames) for help before I get into the game any further. I know though, once I have the basics down its going to be even more fun! There is even a dating simulation engrained in this game as well. Costs $14.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo Switch Accessories

Photo Credits Geekshare

Last, but definitely not least, is my fancy for Switch accessories! I recently discovered the online shop Geekshare and fell in love with their Nintendo Switch silicone covers and decorative thumb grips! I opted for the Watermelon Cat Switch Cover ($18.99 USD) and matching Watermelon Cat/ Matching Mousse Bear Thumb Grips ($9.99 USD). At some point, I’ll be adding the matching Watermelon Cat Carrying Case ($23.99 USD) to the collection, too.

Photo Credits Geekshare

If you are an Amazon shopper like me, you’ll be happy to know Geekshare also has a storefront there, too. The Amazon store carries a lot of the same items, but more items are found on the website. I like to utilize my Prime shipping whenever possible. 🙂 Visit the Geekshare Amazon Store here.

A new Nintendo Direct has just released, updating all the fans on what’s new to come in 2021 on all things Nintendo…I am sure to be adding more to the list as the year goes on. That’s all my Nintendo Switch favorites for now!

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