New Switch Games for March 2021

Fighting my first boss in Super Crush K.O…Lord help me!

Hey friends 🙂

I am back with another Video Gaming related post! The last couple of work weeks have been hell on wheels for me, so it has been nice to grab my Nintendo Switch and relieve some stress by whooping some evil robot ass. 😛 Today, I wanted to talk about the new games I have added to my collection for this month. I’m currently playing Super Crush K.O. for this month’s 30 Day Gaming Challenge, but I am greatly looking forward to choosing my next game to play! I couldn’t pass up a deal when I saw most of these on sale during the week and today. (The trick? Add games to your Nintendo Wishlist and wait for a sale to drop!)


Bravely Default II ($59.99 USD) // I honestly don’t know the premise of this game (yet), but after getting a recommendation from A Casual Gamer (Kat), I knew it was a good one to look into. It reminds me a lot of World of Final Fantasy Maxima, in terms of turned based game play and building up skill points for your team members; a game I enjoyed. I only downloaded the demo content for this one so I can see if I’d like to invest the $59.99 USD to purchase the full version. I haven’t looked into the first game installment of this, but from what I’ve learned, you can still enjoy it without knowing the full story. Thank goodness for FREE Demos!


Going Under ($19.99 USD) // I fell in love with this indie game because of the bright, colorful and shape oriented art style of this game. After researching some gameplay of it from Budget Gamer, I knew I’d enjoy it. It’s a dungeon crawler game, where you level up by fighting enemies and bosses. The uniqueness of this game comes in from the theme of you being an intern in a office workplace environment. All things can be used as weapons from staplers to desk chairs. I snatched this one on sale for $13.49 USD.


Liar Princess and The Blind Prince ($19.99 USD) // This game is another recommendation from Kat (A Casual Gamer) and her Cozy Games series. It seems like a dark tale with an interesting twist to the storyline as you play your way through. You play as a princess with the power to transform into a Wolf as you and your blind Prince companion work your way through a world of snarls and dangers to a cure for the Prince’s disability. Just the previews of this game reminded me of Child of Light..which is a charming little turn based battle game with a captivating story, too. I was able to snatch this one on sale for $9.99 USD today!


My Time at Portia ($29.99 USD) // I am forever falling for farm simulation type games 😆 and this one looks to be like one I’d enjoy. The characters are a different art style from what I am used to and the world seems far more expansive than Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can explore, fulfill quests/missions, farm and build relationships in this game! After finding it was on sale for $7.49 USD (today was the last day!), I had to scoop it up. It’s worth a try at that affordable price.


Littlewood ($14.99) // Yet another farm-sem game, however with this one you’re building an entire town from scratch! It is reminiscent of Stardew Valley, but it seems a lot more user friendly for total newbies like myself. I used my Nintendo credits and was able to knock $5 off this game and picked it up for $10.49 USD 🙂

I’m excited for these games and plenty more that I are just hanging out on my Wishlist waiting to be purchased. I have started posting a little on my gaming Instagram. I’ll share it soon as I think of a new name. 🙄

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