Thoughts on The Doll Community

Happy New Year, dollie lovers!

I hope anyone who’s passing by my blog reading this is on their way to having a beautiful new start to 2022. In the world at large, it honestly seems a bit rough, but I am still optimistic that things can change around for the better in an instant. This year, I am working to change my own way of thinking so as not to be so negative and fuel any bouts of depression that may come my way. It all starts in the mind.

With that being said, I wanted to talk about my thoughts on what’s been going on in the doll community, in general.

It seems, no matter what niche hobby you’re into, wether it’s collecting reborn babies, ball jointed dolls, or even building Japanese figurines…each hobby seems to have it’s own level of drama. 99.9% of this drama takes place online and I’ve found there is an easy remedy for that…simply get off the computer and put down your phone. I don’t know what has changed over the years, but I find that a lot of people have made social media a large part of their enjoyment of their hobbies. I too am guilty of this, but in the last few months I realized just how much it can damage a person, as well. To constantly have someone watching you, or you feeling pressure to post new content to appease an audience. It all became less about the hobby and more about growing on social media. I don’t like it one bit.

Over the last couple of week’s there has been a major influx in discussing counterfeit dolls. This is an age-old topic that has been discussed fervently in every doll group that I find myself a part of. Here’s the only thing I have taken away from all of the madness, regardless the hobby:

Bullying will never bring about a solution

When a debate with opposing sides is involved, its bound to become a heated (and controversial) discussion. Nevertheless, injecting hatred and bullying into the debate will never “win” anyone over to your side. If anything, it only draws a wedge further between the two parties. Nothing is more important than treating each other with respect and kindness. Opinions can be voiced without people turning into complete assholes.

The only actions you can control are your own

Despite what anyone things of replica dolls being immoral/illegal, the fact of the matter is that you can’t police what others choose to do with their own money. (Even if you have gifted funds to someone else, once it is NOT in your possession, you have no control over what someone can/will do!) Where people choose to shop, wether its an educated purchase or not, is not your responsibility. If you want to get your point across, you can only testify to your own experiences..nothing else.

Protect your peace at all costs

This can apply to any situation; not just online hobby groups. If being online, blogging, creating content and reading messages is hurting you mentally or emotionally, take your power back and just STOP. Stop giving space to the things that don’t serve you. Distance yourself from the people who do not see things your way. Spend your time enriching your life and mood and not allowing negativity in. I know this may be easier said than done, but it is a practice that needs to be instilled in everyone’s daily routine. Not everything you do needs to be posted online for it to be valid or enjoyed.

All I know is, for me, all of this is trivial in comparison with the issues I have been dealing with in my own personal life. Like many citizens across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upset our lives in every way possible. I am also still dealing with the rebuild of my home after Hurricane Ida this past August. I am getting to the point where I honestly don’t care about anyone or anything unless its directly effecting me. This may sound crude, but I’ve I feel like this year is meant for me to really focus on what I want and what brings me joy, as opposed to doing things that make others happy. 🙂

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