My New Oscar Doll Eyes

Photo Credits: Oscar Doll website

Recently, I have been thinking about what’s next on my Wishlist. I love making lists and checking things off. Although, my interests and items change a lot, some of them will forever be holy grail items. You know? Something you have wanted for a really long time, or even are in the process of saving up for. Today, I get to check one more item off of my list.. a pair of Oscar Doll Eyes!

Oscar Doll is a company specializing in handmade doll eyes since 2013. These eyes are known for their dazzling sparkle and numerous celestial color schemes that can include rhinestones, jewels, and glitter. Sadly, as of early 2019, the company has gone out of business and is in the process of completing their pre-order fulfillments. If you fall in love with an available pair of these eyes, your best bet is to purchase them as they will most likely be the last pair! This was the case with my purchase of the Oscar Doll Eyes in the style Pearl, a special edition made specifically for the USA distributor Fabric Friends & Dolls. These eyes cost $35 USD prior to tax and shipping (and were worth every penny!)

I was a bit skeptical; not knowing just how Yoko would look with her new eyes, but the risk of never being able to own them outweighed the fear. After all, the resell value is great for limited edition and hard to find BJD eyes, like Oscar Dolls’. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry though, because after putting them on Yoko, I was completely enamored with them! Now, all I have to do is figure out her hair combo. The dark bob will always be my favorite, but I’d also like her to have a secondary look. I’m leaning towards snow white hair; preferably in a bob or short style too, if I can find it.

If you’re interested, you can also find a limited selection of in stock Oscar Doll eyes available at Doll Peddlar as well as Fabric Friends & Dolls. I’m so happy I got my dream eyes for my dream BJD!

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