My New SD Size Ball Jointed Dolls

It’s Monday! That means a new video has been posted to my YouTube channel, DollieLovex3. Over the past few weeks I have been doing my best to upload every Monday. Sometimes I will feature a “bonus” throughout the week, but it’s important that I stick to this newfound schedule. I want to make time for the things I enjoy doing around my responsibilities as an adult (bleh 😛 ), so sticking to a schedule helps. Today’s upload goes along with this post: Unboxing My First SD Sized BJD.

I’ve done a lot of selling and buying lately to curate the collection I’d like to have. Not too long ago, I introduced Teddy and Behr to my blog and now, they are already at their new homes! I ultimately decided for my anime girls in my collection, I’d like them all to be human (so no more bear feet!) You can look forward to a new round of bjd introductions for these anime styled girls as they arrive to me from AliExpress and their looks are completed. 🙂

Recently I had the opportunity of adding not one, but TWO SD sized girls to my group! In my End of The Year BJD Tag for 2021, I mentioned I wanted to add a 1/3 sized girl to go along with Sebastian. These girls are recasts that I adopted second-hand. This gives me the chance to see what type of SD girl I’d like to invest in, in the future. I received a Volks Lieselotte and a Fairyland Feeple60 Carol. I enjoy them both for different reasons:

She has such a beautiful ‘classic’ vintage ball jointed doll look to her! Just what you’d expect from a Volks design.

About Volks Lieselotte

I did some research on this recast to find out more about the authentic doll. From what I found, the original Lieselotte is produced by Volks ball jointed doll company. It is only released in special Event seasons, so there are many variations of this dolls and collaborations with popular brands. However, all of these releases have been very limited; some of which you can only participate in at doll events/shows in-person in Japan. For this reason, the authentic is highly sought after.

My recast version was produced by HeheBJD on AliExpress. The resin color is ‘Normal’, which has a pink undertone to it. The body type is not like the original SDGr Lieselotte, but has a 3-part torso and double joints for both elbows and knees and is about 59-60cm tall. I enjoy the dolls by HeheBJD for their quality. Be advised though, you can spend just as much for a 1/3 sized doll on AliExpress as you would for an authentic one from a more “affordable” legit BJD company. Since I purchased second-hand, I was able to acquire this doll for $165 USD versus it’s original price at $208 USD (which doesn’t include taxes!).

Lieselotte looks so different with a change of eyes and hair, doesn’t she? 🙂

I haven’t quite figured out her official look yet, but she’s a beautiful doll that I can see myself keeping. I love the specific “look” that Volks dolls have, however I wouldn’t never feel comfortable investing in one. Volks is a popular company as they are the originator of ball jointed dolls. Likewise, their prices reflect this. It would be easy to spend $1,000 USD for an SD sized doll from this company, which I have no interest in doing.

Once I figure out her style, hair and eyes..I’m sure a suitable name for her will come. 🙂

About Fairyland Feeple60 Carol

Fairyland is another well known and popular BJD company; made even more popular by the numerous amounts of recasts being produced of them. I never was interested in FL because of the hype, but lately I have been giving this ball jointed doll type a chance. This company is known for having beautiful female sculpts with full lips, shapely eyes and curves to match! They also have a unique head attachment “turn key” design that makes it easier to remove the head. Their hands and feet are magnetic at the wrist and ankle joint, which makes it super easy to change clothing. From what I’ve seen on social media (and from owning a recast Minifee), they are beautiful posers and photograph well!

So, what’s there not to like? I am still not sure 🙁 I have always taken the path less traveled, I suppose. XD My girl is a tan resin Feeple60 Carol. I’m not sure why FL named it this because she definitely is not 60cm tall! She’s a shorter sized SD girl, at about 54cm. This does make it easier to carry her around, but still have all the perks of dressing a larger doll. She came to me on the loose side, so I took her apart and restrung her a bit tighter. I think it was a success!

I’ve been having fun trying out different wigs on her! Her head is more sized for MSD, so she fits 7-8″ wigs. I’ve already ordered her a new pair of leggings and two wigs in fun colors. I think she’d look cute as a pastel goth chick, but we shall see!

Overall, I am pretty happy with much purchase and can’t wait to take more photos of them.

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