My life updates and more

Happy Turkey week, friends!

This post is an update of sorts. I’ve been avoiding talking about the loss of our home, honestly. Its been such a stress inducing situation week-after-week. Sometimes it seems as if nothing is getting better and we’re only running in circles. I am trying to keep the faith that God has something wonderful in store for me and Reborn Daddy. For the time being is one big waiting game and praying people will keep their word. This week I was able to put all of my reborn babies and ball jointed dolls in storage. I can’t wait until I can see them and enjoy them again. Since Sage was the last to arrive, she has stayed with me. πŸ™‚

My color scheme change implemented on all social media & here on the blog!

In the meantime I have been keeping my mind occupied with small design projects. One of them was a color scheme change for my website! I wanted it to be set apart from what I’m doing with my art work (which is also pastel rainbow themed). I love how it came out and from the feedback I’ve gotten, you guys love it too! I too have fallen in love with the toasty warm colors of fall (and skin tone diversity!). I feel the new color change also represents my dolls well.

The newly released Nintendo Switch OLED model

Last week, Reborn Daddy surprised me by snagging a new Nintendo Switch OLED model for me! I am beyond excited about it. This along with the new Playstation 5 has been very hard to come by as we quickly approach the holiday season. In my spare time (when Im not drained and tired) I’ve been enjoying this new and bigger screen with more vibrant colors!

For all the doll collectors in the USA, this November 25th marks the day of Thanksgiving. Historically, I am conflicted over this celebration of sorts, but as a Black American, my culture has taken this day and turned it into something beautiful; without forgetting where it all started. Whatever (or wherever) you’re celebrating, I hope you have a good week!

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