My First Ball Jointed Doll Miyoami

The time has come at last for me to introduce my new girl to you all. Meet Miyoami! I “adopted” this resin ball jointed doll in February and I have been working with her behind the scenes until I had her completely outfitted and ready to debut. It took me some time to figure out the perfect name for her, but it came to me at last! I think this is the first time I’ve struggled with naming a doll. The process for the BJD hobby is different from both reborns and Blythe, but more on that later. If you’ve ever been in my shoes in coming up with a name for your beloved doll, check out my previous post: 5 Tips For Giving Your Doll The Perfect Name.

Meet Miyoami!

I’m sure everyone who has been following my dollie adventure is wondering “Where did she get that name from!?” XD To be honest, I wanted something fresh and new. A name that is it’s own without being grouped into the gang of T named dolls that I already have. I broke away from that trend when I started collecting customized Blythe dolls, and I am doing the same for my Ball Jointed dolls too.

I had an incredibly long list of names that tugged at my heart strings. I ultimately wanted something that had a meaning in relation to the moon, stars, or light. Miyu (meaning beautiful moon) came up in my search, but I also liked the sound of Niaomi (meaning pleasantness). I decided to put the two together to create Miyoami! I can also use Miyu as a shortened nickname; best of both!

You can outfit, change wigs, and switch eyes on BJDs whenever you fancy. One permanent feature I wanted to keep about Miyoami is her eyes. She will always have pupil-less eyes with a beautiful moon glow. They are inspired by my favorite Naruto anime character, Hinata. 🙂 A lot of collectors create stories about the characters of their dolls. I’m not sure if I will, but I wanted her look to be recognizable if I do. As for her hair, I’m sure she will transition between 2-3 different styles/colors; depending on her outfits.

Doll Info

This is a ball jointed doll made from resin, unlike my other dolls that are vinyl or ABS plastics. Her body is held together with elastic strings, making her fun to pose. Like most all BJDs, She has a removable head cap that allows you access inside to change her eyes. This doll is produced by the company Korean company, MYOU. I purchased mine from the certified USA reseller, The Junky Spot. Once I placed my order, my girl arrived in 3-4 days! The sculpt and make of this doll is the 1/4 size Delia.

For more info on BJD sizes, view my article: Understanding BJD Sizes

Interested in Miyoami’s outfit? Check out my last post Building My BJD Wardrobe for details and links.

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