My First BJD Dollie Meet

This week is so exciting for me! It’s that time of Summer again, when Reborn Daddy and I visit the annual Mechacon Convention in New Orleans, LA. If you have been following me for awhile, you have heard me talk about it every year since 2015. This year is going to be extra special as I will be bringing my new ball jointed dolls with me! The first year I attended this convention was when I learned of BJDs and I have been in love with them and wanted to collect them ever since. Now, I have finally reached my goal and I am happy to start making doll friends in the BJD community, too!

At Mechacon, there is a lot to see and do, but this year I am focusing on connecting with doll friends that I have met online. A lot of them live all over the state, but typically get a chance to hang out together during the convention weekend. The group also hosts a chat panel during the weekend that focuses on collecting for beginners and those who want to learn more about the hobby. I have gone to every one of them; I loved seeing everyone’s dolls on display and getting to chat with doll owners at the end. I even got a chance to hold a few dolls to really see what they were like (BJDs, even the smaller ones, can feel quite hefty!) I’m glad to be attending this year as a BJD owner, this time.

My BJD carrying bag; sewn by me!

So, in preparation for the trip I am picking out outfits for the girls as well as creating a last minute carrying bag for my dolls. I had totally forgotten I needed something to travel with them in. When I placed my order for Yoko back in March, I ordered the loveliest pink trunk case. Sadly, a few weeks later the company contacted me and let me know the carrier was discontinued; so I was without storage for my dolls again. I picked up some lovely fabric with metallic gold accents and broke out my Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 for a not-so-little project. I’d not tried sewing anything with batting so thick before, so it was a challenge. Although, it is quite hideous in the inside, it’s covered up with doll cushions and isn’t visible from the outside. It did come out fairly cute and I’m super happy!

Pictures from the meet up. Forgive me as the day was late and lighting not good:

I had a great time, making new friends and sharing what I have learned with others who are interested in getting into the BJD hobby for the first time. Yoko & Miyoami received a really cute wig from one group member, as well as a new school uniform top. Those lucky gals πŸ™‚

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