My Favorite Reborn Accessories

Happy weekend, everyone!

One of my favorite things about collecting reborn dolls (and dolls in general) is the dress-up aspect! I take great enjoyment in browsing the baby clothing section for the latest kid’s fashion or checking out my favorite ball jointed doll company homepage for recent doll clothing they have debuted. Today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite accessories I have been buying lately for my reborn dolls.

Believe it or not, my reborn toddler Song Kai doesn’t have a big collection of clothing to choose from. Over the last few months, I have been slowly buying pieces I love and figuring out what styles I like for her. She is a smaller sized toddler compared to ones I have had in the past, so I needed new clothes to fit her. The Cammi sculpt by Ping Lau works best in 6-9 months clothing, but can fit up to 12 months. With that being said, I found a lot of cute things at Carter’s and on Etsy.

Cardigan Sweaters

Lately, I have been pairing knitted sweaters with my babies’ outfits and I am in love with the look! Not only does it look cute, but it makes my dolls super cuddly to hold. I’ve noticed collectors who shop a lot in the organics of Jamie Kay, Kate Quinn, etc. go for this oversized comfy clothing look. Now, my dolls can rock it too (without spending a fortune on organic cotton baby clothes!) I was able to snag these cardigans for $7-9 each when they were on sale.

Shop: Carter’s

Rompers & One Pieces

I am really happy that it didn’t take me too much trial-and-error to figure out what I really like on Song. My favorite part about her is her chunky legs and half torso. I wanted outfit pieces that would show off these features and not cover up too much. I never really follow the seasons when it comes to dressing my dolls, so she will probably be enjoying Summer outfits all year long! Most of her wardrobe is Carter’s and Carter’s Child of Mine brand from Wal-Mart, however I did come across an awesome Etsy shop; ThreadsBabyBoutique. They create the most stylish halter style rompers!

Shop: Carter’s, Threads Baby Boutique

Swaddle Blankets

Earlier this year, I was doing baby trend research for work and was introduced to the brand Posh Peanut. I decided to purchase a swaddle and headband set from them just to see how I liked it…it’s now become a favorite! This brand is quite pricey; even on clearance, but I did find a great alternative at Wal-Mart with their Wonder Nation brand. Swaddles have been a nice way to dress-up my newborn sized babies and still have an easy style that’s great for cuddling!

Shop: Posh Peanut, Wal-Mart

Big Bow Headwraps

When Song Kai made her way home to me, she arrived with pretty long hair (down to her elbow!) Ultimately, I decided to give her a hair cut. Now, Song has shorter shoulder length hair. I really like this look for her and it keeps her age appropriate. The only down size is that she can’t have a head full of accessories! My favorite thing to jazz up her hair style lately is BIG bows and head wraps. I have gotten quite smitten with the ones made by Etsy shop ThreadsBabyBoutique. They are pricier than what you will find in a big box store, but the quality is great and the color selection is large. They even come in three different sizes.

If you want something smaller, that still works for smaller sized doll heads I recommend Wonder Nation brand head wrap bows from Wal-Mart. The material is really soft and stretch!

Shop: Threads Baby Boutique, Wal-Mart

Personalized Baby Items

When it comes to monogrammed and personalized baby items I think the most hassle free place I have been able to find them is on Etsy. There are so many different styles to choose from, but I ultimately went with designs from: MyAdorableBaby and FrillySouthernSass I like these shops for their nice quality items for affordable prices. The wait time is around 3-4 weeks prior to shipping, but I think it is worth the wait. So far, I have ordered 3 name blanket lovies and two personalized sleeper gowns! Addicted, much?

Shop Etsy: OurAdorableBaby, FrillySouthernSass

That about wraps it up for my favorite reborn accessory highlights! What has been one of your favorite items to purchase for your doll babies, lately?

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