My Dumpster Fire Collection

NOTE: All images in this post are rightfully owned by 100% Soft. These are NOT my original photos. πŸ™‚

The collector in me could not ignore this adorable vinyl figure any longer! My fiancΓ© (fondly known as Reborn Daddy), introduced me to this last year…when the world was literally a metaphoric dumpster fire! I fell in love with them, but didn’t decide to collect any of my own. Well, that is until kawaii pink-themed color ways released! Today, I am sharing my small, but growing, vinyl dumpster fire collection with you.

The three new color ways released for 2021 // (L to R) Pepto Pink, Smog Black, and Sunburn Red. Once these are sold out; they’re gone!

These cute but tragic vinyl toy figures are created by the company, 100% Soft. They debuted in 2019 at San Diego’s Comic con and have been a sensation ever since. When the world was ravished by COVID-19, the concept of this vinyl toy really took hold. Not only did it remind us of the year we survived, but gave us something to smile about in spite of. Since then, 100% Soft has been releasing exclusive dumpster fire vinyl figures for retailers such as BoxLunch, HotTopic, Kid Robot, and JapanLA just to name a few. They also have released exclusives for conventions in the US. Because of the limited quantity of each release (aside from the original vinyl version), these figures sell out super fast; making them quite valuable in a short amount of time. They’re one sought after collector’s item!

I know how I can get when it comes to collecting things, so I’ve already made up a game plan for my collecting. I’ve committed to purchasing only figures I feel fit my kawaii girl aesthetic. Pastel color schemes, rainbow, and of course..anything pink! This will help me be more selective in my purchases. Nevertheless, Dumpo the Clown did slip through the cracks and I had to have him! Come on, just look at that cute circus face πŸ™‚

Current Dumpster Fire Collection

I was inspired to talk about my collection today, more so, because a new dumpster fire has hit the scene! If I was a dumpster fire figure, this would be it..Kawaii Galaxy Trash! 100% Soft created this figure in celebration of the shop JapanLA’s 15th Anniversary. Sweet! To keep up with new releases, I highly recommend signing up for 100% Soft’s e-mail notifications. This cutie went live on both retailers websites at 12pm CST today and I was happy I was able snag one.

Kawaii Galaxy Trash // JapanLA 15th Anniversary release

Pepto Pink Trash // (1 of 3) 2021 colorway release – JapanLA Exclusive

Valentine’s Trash // 100% Soft Valentine’s Day exclusive

Bad Vibes // Entertainment Earth Exclusive release

Dumpo the Clown // 100% Soft Halloween Exclusive release

Thanks to the recommendation from 100% Soft, I was able to find this lovely resource to keep track of my collection and its value… The Dumpster Fire Price Guide. If you plan on collecting the yourself, definitely check out this website! This handy guide not only keeps all of the releases up-to-date, but also keeps up with the value of each.


Rainbow Trash // 2020 Attic Salt Exclusive release

Now, it wouldn’t be a collection post without telling you what’s on my Wishlist, now would it? There are a few I’d like to own, but realistically speaking only one of which I could afford. The beloved Rainbow Trash, an Attic Salt exclusive that debuted October 2020.

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