My Anime Ball Jointed Doll Collection

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Today I am sharing details of my anime-themed ball jointed dolls that I purchased from AliExpress (HeheBJD shop). I’ve found such an admiration for these anime style girls and have decided to collect them in all of the colors that this shop offers. In doing so, I have found new homes for my bear-girls Teddy and Behr, as the collection will be more cohesive with human anime girls exclusively. You can still watch Teddy’s unboxing video, though on YouTube (A BJD From AliExpress?)

What is anime? DEFINITION – [ˈanəˌmā] noun. a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children. Compare with manga.

Along with the wide range of resin skin tones HeheBJD offers, they also offer fantasy skin tones. Those that range in colors such as gray, green, pink, purple, and red. Choosing my next doll was tough, but I knew I wanted to go for a fun fantasy skin tones first! I chose red, green and pink.

The price range for these dolls was between $120-135 USD, depending on custom face-up options. I always ask for a preview of the doll before it is shipped, and they have been kind enough to provide the photo each time. 🙂 From order to package arrival timeframe was around 4 weeks.

Meet Sorrell

The name for this girl was much inspired by her unique red resin color, as Sorrell is a French name meaning reddish-brown hair. I was super excited about this one, as I had not seen any other doll owners with this particular color in the anime girl style.

Sorrell’s Photos

Meet Maggie

Along with adopting anime girls in fantasy skin tones, I also have plans to collect the shade range as a whole. Emi is my girl in White skin (an eggshell white tone) and Behr was a Light Peach tone. This girl is Light Normal skin tone. BJD resin isn’t exactly a politically correct naming system, but that’s what we got.

It took me some time to decide on a name for this cutie and at some point I was reminded of the adorable character “Maggie” from The Simpsons. The name suited her innocence well. On this BJD, I decided to do some minor upgrades of my own, like adding overdone blushed cheeks and eyelashes. It definitely encouraged me to want to try a full BJD face-up one day!

Maggie’s Photos

Meet Emi

I have introduced Emi to the blog already, but this post wouldn’t be complete without her! After parting with Behr and Teddy, she was one of the first dolls I started the anime collection with. She has white resin tone, but I later found out there is an even paler version to be had called snow. I have plans for a monochromatic anime girl in the future who’ll fit the character perfectly.

Emi’s blushing is one of my favorites and I hope to have future versions with body blushing as well. Emi is also the only one with a short hair style at the moment. It looks so cute on her!

Emi’s Photos

Meet Primrose

It’s a no brainer that I’d want to add another pink resin doll to my BJD collection. The interesting thing about ball jointed doll resin colors, is that no two shades are really the same across different companies. I was excited to get a LUTS doll in Strawberry Pink and that shade of pink differs from Primrose. You just can’t go wrong with a pink doll!

Naturally, she had to have a sweet name to go along with her look, so I settled on something floral.

Primrose’s Photos

Meet Ivy

My green girl! Next to Sorrell, she is currently one of my favorites of the anime girl squad. Her color is just so fun and finding the perfect wig to match her overall look brought it all together.

Ivy’s Photos

Outfit & Accessory Details

For those who may be interested in the wigs, anime eyes and dresses for my crew, you can check out these shop links!

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