My 2020 Future Dollie Plans

If you’ve checked out my 2019 Year’s End Dollie Lineup, you may know that I have some future plans for my doll collection. This post will be more in detail about what I’d like to do and the directions I want to go in with my ball jointed doll collection for the coming year. At the moment, I have no plans to add on to my Blythe doll collections for 2020.

Reborn Doll Plans

This is my current Wishlist of reborn doll sculpts I’d like to add to my doll collection. I’d like to secure the sculpts while they are still available for sale, but not all have immediate plans for being reborn. I am excited to be adding the limited edition Lou Lou by Joanna Kazmierczak to my baby bunch! I love Joanna K’s work, but sadly I’ve missed out on all of her doll runs in the past. I wasn’t letting Lou Lou pass me by, too! I’ve been wanting to add a Caucasian reborn to my family for awhile, but just wasn’t sure of the sculpt. I think this would be a great fit. More plans on that in the future, as I get further along in the process!

I am also still anticipating Teegan by Ping Lau’s arrival from @marykateandstephlovedolls on Instagram. Only time will tell on the new baby’s arrivals, though πŸ™‚

BJD Doll Plans

I have been interested in BJDs more than ever after acquiring my dream MSD and SD sized dolls, Yoko and Bash. I’ve also had a lot of fun building their characters, back story and their fictional world. Yoko and Bash both have friends and family in their Stories that I have spent time thinking about which doll would suite their character. Now that I have it figured out, I look forward to saving up and purchasing those dolls. Layaway is an option with most doll companies, but I’d much rather pay in full and let the already lengthy wait, begin.

I have been steadily updating my Dollie Wishlist, every month or so as I hammer out the details on specific characters. I have a sweet spot for LUTS dolls, so the majority of my collection will be from this company. Let’s talk about the dolls I want to add to my collection and how their character fits into the story. πŸ™‚

LUTS Kid Delf Filo

Character: Rifka St. Clare Description: In my story, Rifka begins as a brash, head strong and authoritative figure. She is smart, but could use a bit of softening when it comes to people skills and making friends. She starts off as Yoko’s scholastic rival, but eventually will become good friends with her. I wanted a doll that had a feminine face, with but a somewhat stern expression. A lot of LUTS female faces in the KID (MSD) size are sweet and innocent. There’s nothing sweet (or innocent) about Rifka! Her piercing eyes and firmly set mouth define Rifka’s personality perfectly.

LUTS Model Delf Bory

Character: Tobias (Toby) Edwards Description: Toby is an artistic guy and one of mystery and secrets. He plays along side Yoko and Rifka as a classmate in this story. For physical appearance, I wanted Toby to have a moody and whistful look. He’s a shy introverted boy (not rough and outgoing like his male peers), so I chose a sculpt that reflected that. The Model Delf line of LUTS dolls are a few centimeters taller than Kid Delf. I wanted Toby to be slightly taller than Yoko, and I think this body line will fit nicely.

LUTS My Choice Model Zuzu Delf Leo

As it was with Bash, I never planned to have an animal-human hybrid in my story as a character. This is just one doll that I love and really wanted to have. I have yet to decide if she will play into the story or not, but she remains on my Wishlist for sure. Depicted here, is the anthropomorphic character as a boy, but I plan to make her a girl πŸ™‚ I’d love for her to have a black cat aesthetic, with a darker faceup and wardrobe. Real modern witch vibes! However, I am a sucker for the kawaii fashion look so I can put a lot of those adorable Lolita bjd dresses to good use. I was lucky enough to be able to start a layaway for this doll in a special resin color through BJDivas website. Below is a photoshopped image of her likeness based off the doll head and body I specially chose.

That wraps up my 2020 dollie Plans! I have heard that Cassie Brace is releasing 9 beautifully sculpted new kits this year (follow her on Facebook for updates!) I have a weakness for her reborn doll sculpts, but only time will tell if any additions to my reborn crew will come to pass.

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