Mori kei fashion with Yoko

Mori Kei on Pinterest

Even though it is officially Fall, it is still very warm here in Louisiana with temperatures creeping into the triple digits at least once a week. While I haven’t been able to pull out my riding boots and favorite scarves yet, I can still enjoy the season with my dolls! Thanks to my lovely new friend Cynthia and the gift box she sent me filled with beautiful BJD clothing, Yoko can enjoy some Fall fashions now!

Most of the items Cynthia gifted me reminded me quite a bit of Mori Kei. Mori Kei is a Japanese fashion term meaning Forrest Style. This style of Japanese street fashion emerged in the year 2000 with the iconic look of lace and vintage layers. You can often spot this style seen with long flowing skirts, long sleeved cardigans and loose flowing materials in general. Earthy color tones such as beige, browns and olive greens are spotted as well. Lets not forget comfy and cute footwear like high riding boots or flats with leg warmers.

I decided to layer the pieces I received to create this look! I think it fits Yoko’s Character really well. I also wanted to show off her sparkly new eyes from Candy World of MeHiArt. These are a part of the prize pack I won from the Temporary Eye contest I entered this past August. I am loving her new look. What do you think? 🙂

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