My Ball Jointed Doll Yoko

I couldn’t be more excited to be creating this very post! This past week, my dream ball jointed doll arrived in the mail! Even though I received Miyoami (MYOU 1/4 Delia) in the mail in February, this doll was actually my 1st BJD purchase. Seeing as how this doll was made-to-order and came directly from the company, I had to wait quite awhile for her arrival. Since 2015, I have always wanted to own a LUTS ball jointed doll from Korea…and now I do! Welcome my LUTS Kid Delf Muhwa to my dollie family; Yoko!

After browsing Japanese girl names, I came across one that instantly pulled at my heart strings on Nameberry.. Yoko means “good girl”. This is such a fitting name for her as she looks so sweet and innocent. I chose the Muhwa sculpt because of her full lips, larger nose and sweet eye expression. She just stood out to me amongst all the others.

The Kid Delf line of BJDs that LUTS offers is in the 1/4 doll scale range. However, there is a new Type 5 Girl body that is available, which is a body type with “chubbier” limbs. I absolutely love it! I love the look of her, without having the issues of finding clothing to fit her. I will be doing a size comparison between Yoko and Miyoami soon, as they are so very different from one another. I intended for these girls to be sisters, but I don’t think that will work out. I plan to create a backstory for these two, to be posted to my site later.

My experience with LUTS brand has been a positive one, with a few things I wished were different in regards to their customer service and correspondence. Nevertheless, I’d be happy to purchase from them again and I am sure my Yoko isn’t going to be the last.

I have posted my box opening video with commentary (so no speedy video!) for you all along with Yoko’s first Dollie Dressup. I can’t wait to create more videos with my new BJDs!


  1. Congrats on your new girl!! She’s adorable and I love tan dolls on pink clothes so much! her outfit matches her to perfection. I love luts dolls and even though I’ve never purchased one, I have purchased from their store. What was not to your liking regarding of service?

    • Thank you so much! I love her dearly and I can’t wait to purchase another. Next time, I think I will try an even darker skin tone like Light Tan or Tan. Overall, I really like LUTS but I had some issues with their Message Board system of communicating with customers. On the original LUTS website, I had no issues accessing the Q&A board. I would leave my question, and the next day it would be answered. In order to view their response, you must input your password. However, during the time I was waiting for my doll order, LUTS moved to a new website. The new website and Q&A Board for customers is supposed to work the same way, however I was not able to access their responses! Thankfully, there is an e-mail address you can contact them with directly, but they prefer the customers to use the Q&A Board so no messages are lost. It left me in quite a predicament. Plus, I am still not able to transfer the points I earned from my first purchase, over to the new website. You also had to make a new account, which mean all of your saved Wishlist items on the old website, were lost. 🙁 I’m not sure how long LUTS had been planning to do this website move, but it was really frustrating. Other than that, for future orders I just hope I don’t have to contact them with any questions, as I’m still not able to view responses on the Q&A board. *shrugs*. It won’t stop me from ordering though!

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