My Ball Jointed Doll Sebastian

Since February and adopting my first BJDs I’ve learned my likes and dislikes. With that being said, Miyoami, one of my first purchases has since found a new home for herself and now I welcome in a new resin character to my dollie family. Meet, Sebastian Yoshiro 😀

Welcome Home, Bash!

For starters, this boy is is a large SD sized doll measuring about 62cm (23-24in.); a huge contrast to Yoko’s MSD size. I have been highly interested in owning a larger, SD sized boy and I discovered this guy at the perfect time. I adopted this LUTS Senior Delf Loid from another member on Den of Angels BJD forum. I originally vowed that I wouldn’t search for a second-hand doll as nothing compares to a brand new one, but the price was too good to pass up. Saving up for an SD sized doll would take me quite awhile…and I was impatient! Fate was on my side 😛 I was able to purchase him for less than half of the original price of the doll I first had my sight set on. ❗ He arrived in great condition, despite him being purchased in 2011 by his first owner. Bash is originally in LUTS’s Normal Skin tone, but his resin has yellowed over time. I don’t mind it at all, though.

About Bash

Sebastian Yoshiro, is a 25-year-old illustrator who goes by the name Bash. Bash lives and works in the sunshine state of Florida. Despite his lively, summer loving environment, and rise to artistic fame, Bash is a shy introverted artist who prefers to keep to himself. His beautifully grotesque illustrations have graced the covers and pages of many millennial’s favorite super villain an anti-hero comic books. Who knew deciding to post his art on Instagram would take his budding career to new heights?!

Bash grew up and spent most of his adolescence in Blackstone, Massechusets. A town surrounded by dark forests (and even darker secrets). It is here where he gained his inspiration for drawing and art in general. Blackstone is a large part of his identity, but he refuses to talk about it for now. He instead, prefers to put his feelings into his artwork.

Although, Bash may seem like a loner, he does have friends and keeps in touch with his family back home. He gets along well and is close to his younger half-brother, Toby. The two are quite a like, despite them only sharing a Father. Bash keeps in touch with his sibling as he sees so much of himself in Toby, at that age. He had wished for some guidance back in his younger years; so he tries to be that positive influence for Toby. They both share artistic talents (and the same couch potato demeanor).

As far as love interests go, Bash has had a few summer flings since his move to Florida, but nothing that could be called true love. His cool and mysterious attitude always attracted and intrigued the opposite sex, but honestly he’s just awkward and has a loss for words around pretty women.

Style Profile

Bash generally has a cool, calm and nonchalant attitude. Unlike with life and human interactions, he doesn’t like to over think things when it comes to his wardrobe. He likes the relaxed casual look. Bash enjoys outfit pieces that can be used to go out to the mall or a movie one moment and off to bed the next. The basic couch potato look; with some style. He does have a weakness for nice sneakers, though. Despite being an artist, he rarely has a lot of different colors in his wardrobe pieces. The monochromatic black, gray, and white look with one accent color is usually his go-to.


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