Meet my BJD puppy girl, Mimi!

At this point, it is no surprise that I am big fan of purchasing BJD dolls on the second-hand market. In the last couple of weeks I have hit gold not once but twice on purchasing BJDs that were in near mint condition from previous owners. I am a bit out of order when it comes to formal introductions as Mishka and my first yoSD sized doll haven’t been posted about here, yet. Once their official look and names come together, I will be sharing them more on the blog and my YouTube channel, DollieLovex3.

For today, though I am introducing my cute puppy girl, Mimi Koinu! Mimi is a LUTS Zuzu Delf ball jointed doll, made with magnetic parts to resemble a Bichon Frise puppy. She is on the tiny side of resin, being 1/8 scale size and standing at 18cm tall..that’s about 7 1/2 inches. She is the smallest of my collection now, and probably as small as I’d want to go. I’ve been enjoying trying out different BJD sizes, this year! Truthfully, I can’t quite pick a favorite as I really like them all for different reasons.

I purchased Mimi from a doll collector and forum user on Den of Angels. This is a reliable resource in which I’ve been able to adopt quality and well kept ball jointed dolls. πŸ™‚ I’m happy to say I got this girl at a great price. Her full set from the LUTS website would cost $270 USD + International shipping (that could be $60-100 USD more). From this USA collector, I was able to get her full set and a few extras for $213 USD. The package was well wrapped just as if it had come straight from the doll company!

I’m super happy with Mimi and she looks so cute in group photos with my other resin family members.


Mimi and her big sister Mishka (yes, one is a cat and one is a dog..don’t judge us!)

Happy family photo!

The previous owner gifted me a cute purple wig and I opted to purchase the brown/pink one. I love changing wig looks on my dolls πŸ™‚

Mimi looks absolutely adorable, even without her wig on! She is also small enough to wear some Barbie, Blythe and Rainbow High doll clothes!

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