Meet my bjd girl, Ramona!

I am so incredibly blessed to have been able to add four new BJDs to my resin kid family this year. 2020 has definitely had more downs than ups, but I am so grateful for the joy my dolls bring me. 🙂 I haven’t introduced them all to my blog yet, but today we are getting to know my little Ramona!

Here are the photos from Ramona’s original sale listing. She came with a cute blonde bob cut wig!

I have always been curious about the different sizes of BJD dolls and which ones I like the most. After now owning all of the size ranges, I still am no closer to finding the answer. In honesty, I love them all for different reasons. However, I do have a fondness for 1/6 size dolls (27cm) like Ramona. She is the perfect size! Big enough for elaborate dress, but easy to carry for doll outings.

Now that this girl has a name, I can share her with you. Meet, Ramona! She is the MYOU 1/6 scale BJD “Carol”. I lovingly adopted her second-hand from a doll collector on the Den of Angels doll marketplace. I’ve had such success with finding dolls I like from this resource, while being able to save some money from purchasing brand new. All of the dolls I’ve purchased second hand from the doll market have been in mint condition!


As soon as I knew I was adding this girl to my collection, I ordered her some clothing from my favorite BJD clothes shop, IAmSunnie. These items arrived a few weeks later…which is why I am just now doing her introduction! With her super rosy cheeks, I knew right away she would be a red-haired little one 🙂

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