My Ball Jointed Doll Behr

Excuse Behr’s lashes! They got crushed when I had her stored away while we moved 🙁

Once I am back and settled into my home again, one of the things I am most looking forward to is unpacking my dolls and making videos for the ones that haven’t made their debut onto my YouTube channel yet. For now, I’ll be introducing them here (as I always do). Today, I’m talking about my sweet animal girl, Behr.

Last April, I talked about my shopping experience buying my first BJD on AliExpress and bringing home little Teddy. I was quite pleased with my experience and I loved Teddy so much, I decided to purchase her a friend 🙂 (Get it? Teddy and Behr!) I have been greatly enjoying my anime style BJDs like Emi and I plan on collecting them in every resin color available that the shop HeheBJD has to offer.

Behr is a replica PUYODOLL Kumako Lala. I have her in HeheBJD’s Normal resin, which is slightly Pink toned. Since fantasy colors and tan resins cost more, Behr’s cost was a little bit less than Teddy (as she is in Brown resin).

In total, Behr cost me $134.62 USD; here’s the total break down:

  • 1/4 Sasa Doll (Normal) w/Bear Parts = $99.32 USD
  • 1/4 BJD Body Blushing Service = $15.27 USD
  • Shipping = $8.63 USD
  • Tax = $11.40 USD


Overall, she’s a cutie and I am just as pleased with her as I am with Teddy. Behr’s face up came out super cute with the anime style cheek sparkles. I look forward to trying out some fantasy colors with his bear shape!


  1. Puyoo still makes dolls and holds preorders! You would need someone who speaks Chinese or Japanese as the preorders are for CN and JP regions but Ayumist is a great proxy who has a Discord server for her services and it’s easy to get legitimate Kumako there.

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