My Ball Jointed Doll Sebastian (Again!)

Oddly enough, I have been feeling meh about my entire doll collection..including my precious resin ball jointed dolls. My interest in certain dolls rise and fall like the tides, but I never expected these feelings to surface towards my BJD collection. After chatting with members on the Den of Angels BJD forum, I got some ideas to spark my passion for dolls again.

One of the suggestions was to simply put away your dolls until you think about them again. Another, was to display them untouched for however long you may need. I’ve done both of these with different dolls, and it hasn’t worked. When I get it into my head that I am uninterested, I waste no time in finding that doll a new home.

But things are different with my BJDs. I waited to join the BJD hobby for four years before I had my first doll! I researched and learned as much as I could in that time period, so the bond with my dolls has not left. They are all special for different reasons.

The last suggestion really got me excited again about these dolls. Maybe my taste in aesthetic has changed? Spend time researching other doll companies you hadn’t purchased from before and see what pulls at your heart. I think this has been my best idea. Even though I have no plans to purchase a new BJD right now, its always nice to know what options I have…and they are plenty. With that being said, I remembered that I never posted photos of Bash after his full body makeover with Pikko Chan of Resin Junky. How could I forget!? Allow me to reintroduce this handsome hunk of resin…Sebastian (Bash) Yoshiro!

Having a change of clothing style or faceup was also a suggestion for those who may be feeling meh about their BJDs. I have been feeling that way towards my newest girl, Mishka, just because my initial plans for her fashion style don’t look that great on her after all 🙁 That’s why it’s taken me so long to even introduce her to my blog or channel! Hopefully 2021 will be her year to get her style together.

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