My Ball Jointed Doll Teddy

Hippity Hoppity, Happy April! 🙂

Spring time is underway and I can’t wait for an opportunity to head outdoors and take lovely photos of my doll collection. With April also came my awaited package from HeheBJD on AliExpress. You may remember me discussing Recast Ball Jointed Dolls and letting you know about my replica Puyoodoll Kamako Ruru. Well, she has finally arrived!

AliExpress: My First BJD Shopping Experience

While I’m here, I wanted to share my shopping experience with HeheBJD. I want to give information; which there is a lack of when it comes to recast ball jointed dolls. This is not encouragement to purchase from this shop, but to make you fully aware of what you’re buying and what to expect. Keep in mind not all shopping experiences with this shop (or any other on AliExpress) may be the same.

Ordering Process // Prior to my purchase, I contacted the seller(s) at the shop and asked questions in regards to resin color options. Given the time zone difference, my question was answered the following business day and photos provided. Other questions were answered in terms of options available (bear and human feet). I also received responses in regards to their additional body blushing services (an added fee). I placed my order on March 3, 2021. With production time and international shipping, the time frame was about 27 days. I received her in the mail April 1, 2021. Time frames may vary depending on holidays and face up/body blushing request.

Here is the break down of cost. In total I spent $145.13 USD :

  • 1/4 Ruru Doll (Brown) w/Bear Parts = $107.78 USD
  • 1/4 BJD Body Blushing Service = $15.27 USD
  • Shipping = $9.83 USD
  • Tax = $12.25

Packaging // My doll came well packaged in a regular shipping box with styrofoam inserts and bubble wrap. No special box or reusable packaging was included. I received my doll, a free pair of acrylic eyes, an extra pair of hands and a sponge (used for cleaning). No additional paperwork or certificates were included. The doll arrived safely without damage.

Doll Quality // Upon unboxing my doll I did notice a very strong odor. Most resin BJDs do have a scent, but this one was the strongest I’ve experienced. Over time the scent subsided. The doll’s resin quality is thick and heavy. She arrived very tightly strung and will need adjusting in the future for proper posing. The head cap was secure with strong magnets. I must admit, I am very pleased and surprised with the quality of this doll. The body blushing and face up came out as expected from the sample images. I will say that a better choice of colors could have been used for darker toned resin than the peachy red, though. Overall my body blushing request was fulfilled to my liking.

Overall, my shopping experience was a positive one and I do plan to shop here again in the future for the human version of this doll.

Now that I’ve provided the my BJD bear-girl! I have lovingly named her Teddy (for obvious reasons!) It’s funny that she has little pawed hands and feet but elf shaped ears. 🙂 She is a 1/4 sized doll and wears this size and even some yoSD items since her bust is quite small. She has larger hips and even larger feet so only SD items will fit her bottom half. Her wig size is 8-9″ which is also SD size. Her eyes are large; 20mm size works best for her.

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