My Ball Jointed Doll Mei Mei

About two weeks ago, I shared my video Unboxing: My First SD Size BJD, in which I shared happy mail for my two new large sized ball jointed doll girls. Today, I am introducing one of my girls to you as her look is now fully complete! I’m so happy with how she came Shout out to my fiancé for helping me choose a sweet name for her 🙂

Meet my BJD SD girl, Mei-mei

Since the box opening, the second doll (that I was on-the-fence about) has found her a new home! I’m glad her new owner is so excited for her. I think after trying two Fairyland recast dolls, it’s quite clear that I’m not a fan of this style. Oh well, I gave it a try! They are such a popular brand, but just not for me. new girl’s name is Mei Mei (pronounced may – may). Once her look came together she looked like she could be a Chinese girl, so I chose a name that was fitting. I found this adorable school girl uniform from Denver Doll Emporium and couldn’t be happier with it. A dress up video showing my haul of DDE items and dressing Mei Mei up will debut on my channel soon.

I adore her! She’s everything I was looking for in my first SD sized girl and I hope she stays in my collection for a long time to come 🙂 I’m not sure if she makes a good match for Sebastian or not, but it is very nice to have a companion for him that’s his height.

Outfit Details

Hugs & Kisses Underwear Set (Large) – Denver Doll Emporium

School Uniform Set – Denver Doll Emporium

Old Skol Shoes (SD Size) – Denver Doll Emporium

Dark Brown Wig (Size 8/9) – Miss U Hair Store Amazon


I hope you like her and look forward to more videos with Mei-mei 😛

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