Making Temporary BJD Eyes!

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! The festivities are still happening over at Den of Angels and I decided to join in on this fun contest. The challenge is to create a pair of BJD eyes out of whatever materials you can find. In the BJD hobby it is common for collectors to make due with what they have and make, what they don’t! This is one reason I wanted to learn more about this hobby; to hopefully create things for my doll in the future. For now, I am content with my contest entry attempt. It was hard, but definitely fun and I’m happy with the results! Let’s hope I win!

Prizes for the two winners selected are (3) three pairs of specially designed eyes from MehiArt shop! Aren’t they beautiful? If I don’t win, I’m sure I will be scouting out Yoko a new pair of eyes from this Polish Etsy shop. Each pair is so pretty!

I was inspired to make my eyes after my favorite type of eye, glittery. Oscar Doll eyes have always been mesmerizing and I am glad to have learned about MehiArt’s shop, since Oscar Doll is no longer in business. I won’t go into detail on what I did since this isn’t a tutorial and they didn’t come out perfect. In fact, they weren’t even 100% dry and stiff when I went to place them in the doll! πŸ˜› I had to be super careful!

Materials Used

  • White Play Dough
  • Salon Perfect Nail Polish in #540 Ride The Heat Wave
  • Sally Hanson Top Coat (Clear)
  • Iridescent Craft Glitter
  • Clear School Glue

This was fun and I think I may attempt it again in the future. I have plenty of materials left over and a few different nail polish colors I can use. I have been wanting to purchase Yoko some chocolate brown eyes for awhile, but here’s a way for me to do it relatively inexpensively so I can see what she’d look like with them!

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