Life Update: Hurricane Recovery

My cuties after their recent chat and change video. You can watch it here, if you wish!

Hey doll friends πŸ™‚

My last YouTube video upload (Chat & Change: Hurricane Ida) was the last time I was online! I’m here to give a life update of sorts and let you know how I am doing.

Firstly, I want to thank all my friends and those who enjoy my Dollie YouTube/Instagram for your prayers, well wishes and kind messages of concern. They are much appreciated!

If you’ve been a follower of my doll journey for awhile, you know that I live in Louisiana and this time of year brings about Hurricane Season. Although us Louisianians try, sometimes there is nothing to fully prepare us for the treacherous winds and flood waters that rip through the state and coastline. Our latest weather event with Hurricane Ida was definitely a difficult one for the majority of the state.

On Sunday night (August 29) the hurricane made it’s way to my part of the state. I am grateful that we did not withstand any flood damage, but the wind damage brought about it’s own set of problems. We were out of electricity and refrigerated food 5 days. In this Louisiana heat that can reach over 100*degrees it is definitely not the best conditions for anyone..let alone an asthmatic like me. I’m grateful for friends and family who let us catch a bit of AC at their homes and cook some of the food we were able to salvage.

Not long ago, our power was restored and a bit of Internet access. It’s how I am able to make this post now! Now that the power is back, we’re able to assess damages. The outside of our home took on minor damages, but there are uprooted trees to be concerned about. Indoors, quite a few of our electronics were fried from the power surges and will need replacing; especially our computers and refrigerator! I’m praying all is handled fairly and quickly with our home insurance so we can replace our items.

In the meantime, my work office has been closed until next week. I’ve been spending my time working on art work, playing Nintendo Switch games and changing my reborn dolls’ clothes.

I hope things get back to normal soon!

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