Life and Dollie Updates!

Hey doll friends 🙂

I haven’t updated in awhile so I am going to remedy that today and catch you up on all of my happenings. I’ll start first with my Dollie updates, since that’s the focus of this website.

Doll Updates

As expected, there have been some dolly changes in my collection. I have been enjoying a smaller reborn doll collection, to be honest. I feel like they all can get my undivided attention a little bit easier without me feeling guilty about it (haha). These are the dolls who have found their new forever homes:

  • Emiko (Keiko by Jorja Pigott)
  • Robyn (LouLou by Joanna Kazmierczak)
  • Mallory (Adele by Ping Lou)

These are the cuties I currently have in my doll collection. I do feel as if, eventually, I may end up down to two and focus on other doll collections that I’d like to invest in (like my ball jointed dolls). Never fear, I don’t think I’d stop completely making reborn doll content; just not on a frequent weekly basis.

Speaking of ball jointed dolls, I sold Yoko‘s original body with plans to get her a new one! The new one will be taller and a more mature look (with minimal bust, though!). It will be the same body type that Mishka is on now. I haven’t ordered it yet since it’ll be $300+ but hopefully by the years end.

Just Married!

I’m happy to say that Reborn Daddy and I have at last, tied the knot! I’m so happy for us. The day was filled with joy, good friends and good food. If you want more details (and photos), check out the post on my personal blog: Just Married.

New Job + Life Goals

This is the segment of the post that’s most relevant and the reason why you haven’t seen me much online 🙂 In September I quit my old job working for the infant/feeding product company (I was designing baby bibs!) and started a new journey working for a local health system. I’m happy to know that my graphic design skills can be used to help those in the medical field; both medical professionals and patients alike! It definitely gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishments.

Like with any life change comes an adjustment period. I feel like I’ve never worked so hard in my life! I’m drained of all energy at the end of the day after constant meetings, design work and also participating in marketing events for the community. Usually, I don’t work on weekends, but with this new job, working some weekends and late/extra hours may be a new normal. It’s a lot for me to get used to, so I have been focusing on that and not so much my hobbies.

Ultimately, Reborn Daddy and I are getting our financial plan together for a new (and bigger) home as well as future plans for trying for a baby..which has always been my end-game. Before then, I’d like to adopt a lots of life plans in the works where my time and money for hobbies have been allocated elsewhere.

I will admit, I miss my dolls though and keeping up with all the activities in the reborn doll community. I also miss the magic of a new reborn doll and that box opening day! I don’t think I’d ever completely part from that. <3


  1. My doll friend mentor. I learned everything from you about the Reborn world. You were my first connection. I am so excited for your marriage and new beginnings. You persevered through so much and I am enjoying your smile. Much love Reborn Friend Alana Woods

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