Leaving the online doll community?

Hey friends 🙂

Recently I tuned into to Erica Jones‘s reborn doll channel for her last YouTube video. I can hardly believe it myself, but don’t worry there is good news! Ultimately, Erica decided to discontinue new content on her current channel and begin again on a fresh new channel Erica’s Precious Ones. This got me to thinking (more) about what I wanted to do with my own existence on YouTube and the online doll community.

Erica had her own decisions about moving to a new channel, but my thoughts are quite a ways off. I have been thinking more and more about not doing doll related YouTube videos anymore. Yet, I don’t really have a plan yet as to what else I’d want to do. I have thought some on creating art-related content as I grow more and more with my freelance artwork..however I haven’t committed to anything yet. I just feel like my interests are going in other directions right now and I rather share and talk about that, rather than my dolls. Never fear, my love for collecting dolls has not faltered a bit (quite the opposite), but when it comes to video content…ya girl is burnt out and bored!

I’ve considered attempting other forms of doll content, like role playing videos and the ever popular Day in the Life videos, but I don’t feel as if I have the time to produce that type of content at a quality level. Hell, I barely have enough time/energy to do the ones I have now. *laughs* I honestly don’t know what to do but I know I feel a change (and a decision!) has to come soon. I’m sure all those who tune into my channel are disappointed with my lack of content lately; honestly so am I!

Yesterday, I uploaded an art-related video (per special request). I had a lot of fun creating it and would like to venture into capturing my painting and art processes on camera, more. Would you be interested in seeing art videos from me? Once upon a time, I created an art channel and I remember having so much fun with it. Ultimately, I deleted those videos and my channel as my art wasn’t quite in the place I wanted it to be in (I didn’t feel as proud of it as I do with my current art). However, I had lots of fun creating the content and looked forward to my artwork even more, knowing that I’d be sharing it with the world.

I am between a rock and a hard place!

I will say though, having wonderful new-comers to the doll hobby always seem to revitalize my spirit for creating doll content. Last week, I was able to connect with an old high school buddy of mine; we’ll call her Lady (she wants to be kept private for now). Lady actually came across my videos and wanted to know if it was *me*; she hasn’t seen me in years and as face wasn’t shown in the videos she’d seen. Turns out this friend was new to the hobby and SUPER excited she could connect with me over our love of dolls. I was super happy for her and we’ve been chatting ever since. 🙂

Overall, I still don’t know what to do. I feel like a change needs to happen, but I just don’t know what yet.

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