Is Legit? My Shopping Experience

For a Reborn Artist Review of Bonnet Babies Nursery by Daya Johnson, visit this post.

Back in 2019, I posted a video on reliable places to shop for reborn dolls. In this video I highlighted the most popular places being Facebook (and reborn related Facebook groups), Ebay and Etsy. In the comments someone asked about the legitimacy of a website called At the time, I had not heard of this website. I was not sure wether it was legit or another scam website, selling fake doll sculpts or just false advertisements altogether. I wasn’t willing to take the chance in purchasing to find out, so I put it out of my mind.

Over the years, the sources for purchasing reborn dolls has grown. Now we can include Instagram as a reliable place, but what about After a bit of research I learned that, in fact, is a legit place to purchase dolls!

What is was created in January of 2012 by computer programmer David Stack. He operates this website and another artisan community called Bear Pile, that helps handmade artists sell their creations. Interestingly enough, Mr. Stack does not collect teddy bears or reborn dolls. [ Source ]

The goal of the website is to offer a specific market place for those who customize and sell reborn dolls. On the right side of the website is an alphabetical list of reborn doll nurseries and their artists. If you’re looking for a specific doll nursery, you can reference them here. Earlier this year, I found a few names on the list that I trusted and recognized, like Cat Creations Reborns & Silicones by Cat Johnson. I actually contacted Cat directly to get her opinion on the website and what she thought of it. Although there are a few things about the site that she doesn’t agree with from a seller point of view, she gives the website a true vote of confidence for buyers to purchase on here. After browsing the website for myself, I learned that not just reborn doll artists offer dolls on here, but collectors have also decided to utilize the website to sell dolls from their personal collections, second-hand.

What’s great about the existence of this specific market place online, is that you aren’t bogged down by listings that aren’t reborn dolls! The majority of listings are reborn dolls or silicone dolls that is ready to ship. There are also some listings for custom dolls, so read descriptions carefully.

My Shopping Experience

With all of my purchases at new shopping outlets, I try to do research. Not just for the best “deal”, but for a secure online shopping experience. I am sure to only purchase online through places that accept PayPal, as I am not comfortable directly inputting my card information online. This gives me added protection in the event that something goes wrong, I am able to get my funds back. I advise all doll collectors to do the same!

I had been browsing for a few months; stopping in here-and-there to see what was up for grabs. I like the filtered features of the website, where I can slim down my search to a specific type of doll. Categories such as the location, size, price and wether it is pre-owned are features. I was specifically looking for a new Johannah Asleep or Johannah Awake reborn doll by BountifulBaby. I love and enjoy my Courtney London so much! She is one of my favorite sculpts and I was interested in finding another. With luck and patience, I found one! Not only that, but I discovered a new-to-me (and new to the hobby!) doll artist. I adopted my sweet Caleb Logan from artist Daya Johnson of Bonnet Babies Nursery.

Upon finding this doll listing, I decided to search for the artist on other outlets, like Facebook and Instagram to see more of her work. In doing so I also found her YouTube channel! Since she is a new artist, she has only a couple of videos up on her channel, but plenty of photos on Instagram @bonnetbabiesnursery

I was able to complete checkout and payment easily through Transactions through PayPal is allowed and e-mail updates are sent. Once you make a free account on you’re also able to send messages to the artists if you have any questions about a particular listing.

Soon after payment, Daya messaged me asking if I’d like my reborn baby to come home as a girl or boy. She also notified me of when she would be shipping and the shipping service being used.

Overall I had a great experience using and I’d happily purchase from there again. I’m also glad to have met a new artist that also sells brown-skinned dolls. 🙂


  1. Hi I was wondering when u ship them do they come small or a normal size newbor? Cuz I want to buy one but last time I bought from a different website I got scammed and got really little baby

  2. I started out looking for reborn online and was going by the photos posted, sadly I found out you don’t always get what you see online. I then discovered that in order to get a custom reborn by a real artist you must pay between 200-1000 sometimes. I went to YouTube and found someone mention My first reborn was Joesph and he was 600.00 second hand but the seller had paid allot more buying from a well known reborn artist . I couldn’t have been happier , 20 babies later all from I decided to make my own and now sell there but still buy from other artist as well when I find a baby I have to have. I’ve had 1 bad experience with a buyer but after selling over 40 reborn and buying more than that I have met so many nice collectors and just love the community within the site. Most artist and buyers are passionate about keeping the reborn legitimate, knock offs from China are not allowed and Dave is an amazing Stewart of this website and actually cares about both the artist and collectors that buy there.

  3. Can you recommend some artists on that website? I do know some people have been scammed before and I’m just starting my collection thank you!

    • Hi Angel! I have only shopped on two times now. One account was from a reborn doll artist and the other was a second-hand doll collector, selling from her collection. I can’t recommend any one person but I highly recommend researching the person you want to buy the doll from to see if they have other social media accounts you can view. This is what I have been doing before purchasing from

  4. I want to sell a couple dolls from my personal collection and a kit but how much does it cost to use this site for the seller? I put my kid on and it doesn’t show up on searches or anything because it’s free so how much do I have to pay I don’t understand this. Thank you.

    • Hi Michele! I am not too familiar with how this website works from a seller’s standpoint. Your best option may be to email the website owner personally, or reach out to a couple of artists who sell on there to get their perspective. I also recommend attempting to sell via reborn doll Facebook groups, as well! Good luck with your sales.

    • It’s free to list but I think for it to show up on the splash page or “featured” you have to pay extra. I would try linking your listing in doll selling groups. I’m thinking about selling off some of my collection as well. Good luck!!

  5. As a reborn artist of 10 years, I have actually created a new site that focuses specifically on original artists using authentic kits. All artists are verified to ensure they have a positive sales history. All customers must provide a verified email address, full name and mailing address. Potential customers can view nursery listings and preview dolls, but must join to see full doll listings or to contact an artists. The hope is that this will cut down on timewasters and scammers. To assist artists, my site encourages artists to watermark their images and even offers a custom watermark design option for a small fee. Membership is not free, however there are several options. If you are interested, visit us on Facebook at @onlyreborns or online at -Casey (@snug-a-bug reborn nursery)

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