How-To: Reborn Baby Milk Bottles

I have been thinking about reborn baby props, a lot lately. When I first started collecting realistic baby dolls, I was super excited about shopping for all the cute baby toys and items to make staging my photos as realistic as possible. Over the years, I found myself getting…lazy. With the rise in popularity of Instagram and quick cellphone photo shares, I totally forgot how much fun it was to break out my real digital camera and actually set up to take photos of my dolls. Now that I have more indoor and outdoor space than I could ever want, and relatively nice indoor lighting, I really have no excuse not to be more creative with my photos. With that being said, I decided to get some supplies and share with you all how I plan to create my reborn baby bottles!

Milk Bottle Making Supplies

There is one accessory, without a doubt, that makes reborn doll’s realism come to life and that is baby bottles and pacifiers. The key is to make your bottles safe to use around your doll’s painting as well as look like real milk! There are a few methods of creating reborn baby milk (or juice), but these are the supplies I am using to create mine. You can find all of this at your local Wal-Mart.:

  • Baby Bottles
  • E6000 Transparent Glue
  • White Liquid Fabric Softener
  • Water
  • Q-tips
  • Paper Towels
  • Food Coloring or Acrylic Paint (Optional)

Reborn Bottles

Tips for Milk and Juice Bottles

You can make any kind of bottle you’d like, but for this tutorial, I am making milk bottles. I want my milk bottles to resemble skimmed dairy milk (so they will have a milky transparent white look). If you’d like faux milk bottles that look similar to breast milk, I recommending skipping the liquid fabric softener and using cream/ivory colored acrylic paint (Apple Barrel brand) and water mixture. If you’re making milk bottles for your reborn toddler and would like chocolate or strawberry milk, you can use food coloring or a colored paint/water mixture. For juice bottles, water and food coloring mixture works great!

PRO TIP – To make the process extra easy, look for bottles with simple nipple designs. Bottles with special anti-colic holes or additional air passage ways, means more sealing and longer drying time for you! Avoid bottles with filter systems, solid colored, and stainless steel containers.


STEP 1: Disassemble your baby bottle. You may have three or more separate parts, depending on what kind of bottle you have. My MAM bottles have a removable base, as well as the top. Be sure to separate the silicone nipple from the ring as well.

STEP 2: Once all parts are separated, carefully squeeze enough glue in the inside of the nipple tip, to seal the tiny hole. This keeps your faux formula from leaking out. Also, seal any special holes placed on the nipple base for Colic relief, as well. Set aside to dry for 30 minutes. If your bottle has a removable base, place glue in the inside ring threads and screw the base back onto your bottle. Let sit to try for 30 minutes.

STEP 3: While your glue dries, fill your bottle with 2/3 white fabric softener. I am using the Downey brand. Pour as much liquid as you’d like, but do not go over the highest measurement listed on the side of your bottle. Next, pour in 1/3 water. The added water helps the liquid flow more naturally and helps form bubbles when you shake it!

STEP 4: Around the rim of your nipple base, where it connects to the ring, place a strip of glue, to keep it sealed against the top ring. Next, apply glue to the inside ring threads and screw on top of your bottle snuggly. Let your assembled bottle dry for 24 hours or over night.

My completed reborn baby milk bottle!

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