Hazel and Blues Reborn Nursery by Stephanie Frederic

About The Artist

Hazel and Blues Reborn Nursery is based in Sorento, Louisiana (USA) by artist Stephanie Boyd Frederic. I met Stephanie via Facebook and we became local doll collector acquaintances. I had the pleasure of visiting her in-home studio and learning about her inspiration for reborn doll painting through her love and care of fostering children. Stephanie is a faith-based Christian doll creator who infuses love and passion into each of her reborn babies. Her specialty is creating ready-to-ship, affordable, life-like cuddle babies for children and the elderly. Occasionally, Hazel and Blues will offer custom order slots for fantasy reborn dolls, full reborn dolls, and custom cuddle babies. Visit her Facebook page for more details.

I commissioned Stephanie to custom paint a matching belly plate for Hayden Rose. Hayden was purchased second-hand and was reborn by a different artist. (The original artist did not respond to my inquiries for a belly plate.) Stephanie fell in love with my Nino sculpt and was excited to see her in person!


Communicating with Stephanie is relatively easy as her only source is Facebook, however the timely manner for responses leaves much to be desired. If you’re willing to commission this artist, you must be patient for responses (1-2 business days) as her full-time duties are caring for a home of foster children of varying abilities, along with her own children.

Quality of Work

Hazel and Blues Nursery produces very beautiful work (and surprisingly so for an artist that has been at work under five years)! Stephanie’s work is characterized by extra rosy blushing; one of my favorite styles. Skin tones often featured are mottled newborn and infant caucasian tones, but biracial skin tones are available upon request.

The belly plate match for Hayden came out flawlessly and I could never tell that the doll parts were created by two separate artists! Beautiful job well done.

Time Management & Customer Service

As previously mentioned, Stephanie’s schedule is a busy one. Her time dedicated to painting is more on the hobby side so if you plan to commission this artist, be prepared to wait for your reborn doll order. I cannot give a time frame for a full reborn doll, but my belly plate took around 4 weeks before return.

Hazel and Blues Nursery has always been courteous and sweet in customer service!

Rating: 3/5

Overall Hazel and Blues Nursery is a great resource for small repairs and reborn doll fixes. I am very happy with my belly plate! If you’re interested in a full reborn doll experience, I believe you may be more satisfied with a different artist. Nevertheless, if you enjoy ready-to-ship dolls at an affordable price I highly recommend keeping an eye on her Facebook page for sales posts!

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