Happy International Lolita Day 2019

Today is a fun day for me, it is International Lolita Day! If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I have wanted to get into the Japanese street fashion of Lolita for a long time. As of October last year, I acquired my first dress in this fashion and I have been giggly with happiness ever since. This is my first time celebrating ILD, so I am pretty excited about it.

International Lolita Day is a day set aside twice a year for lovers of this fashion. The first Saturday of June and again in December (to wear both Summer and Winter lolita fashion!) The online community deemed this our official days to gather and celebrate together. Since I am new to the fashion and haven’t quite found any local lolita fashionistas to hang out with, I decided to do what makes me happy…and dress up dollies!

Ever since starting my BJD collection, one of my favorite types of clothes to purchase for them is dresses. The shop IAmSunnie on Etsy has wonderful designs that have similar silhouettes as lolita dresses. Today, Yoko got dressed in the all white kitty dress with sparkle sleeves that I have been saving. I also took both the girls outside for some lovely photos!

Speaking of photos, here are some of myself! This is my second time wearing lolita. Although I didn’t do anything today (aside workout with Reborn Daddy), I wore lolita to work yesterday πŸ™‚ My coworkers loved it. Thanks to my awesome friend Xio for taking these photos for me.

Going forward, I do think I’d like to make Lolita and other J-Fashion interests I have, a part of this blog! I feel like it fits better here, as it’s such a doll-like fashion style. What do you think?

Coordinate Details

  • Tea Table JSK – Black color way – by DollbeShop
  • Blouse – Cato Plus
  • Tulle Petticoat – Handmade
  • Black tights – Walmart
  • Suede Bow Flat – Cato Plus
  • Accessories – Convention finds

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