Happy 15th Anniversary, DoA

This past Monday, was such an exciting #HappyMail day for me! I have been participating in the Den of Angels 15th Anniversary newbie events, hosted on the forum. If you’re not familiar, DoA is an online forum just for ball jointed doll owners, creators, and dealers/companies. The website is a treasure trove of information on doll companies, faces ups, doll clothing sewing, and much more. If anyone owns a BJD, they’re most likely to be a member of this website. I joined in May, shortly after receiving Yoko and Miyoami. I fell in love with the community here and highly recommend it to anyone else who may be interested in this doll hobby.

About DoA’s Anniversary

Every year, Den of Angels celebrates its birthday with a Triathlon of themed events. This year, the theme is Delicate, with emphasis on lace and other dainty things. A series of contests are held for members to participate in (like crafting clothing, wigs, or themed photoshoots) with awesome prizes being offered. There are requirements to enter, such as being a member for a certain amount of time, but they did not leave out us newbies to the hobby! This year, they re-introduced the Newbie Adoption event!

The newbie adoption event is especially for new members of the forum and the BJD hobby. The aim is to match a newbie with an “oldie” of the hobby who may have similar fashion tastes as you/your dolls and care share their hoards of doll items. I was able to fill out a survey form explaining more about my dolls, their sizes, and the things I like and would hope to acquire for my dolls, in order to outfit them the way I envision. Within a day or so, an “oldie” (Cynthia) adopted me and we have been in contact ever since then; discussing dolls and our lives. πŸ™‚ My gift package of items wasn’t due until September, but my adoptive oldie got mine together pretty quickly and had it out to me before the end of the month. I received it in the mail yesterday and I am completely surprised!

My newbie request talked about my love for Japanese street fashion, like Lolita. That I enjoyed dresses and cute stockings for my girls. I was detailed, but I made sure not to seem picky, because I’m not! I was appreciative of any items I would receive. I do believe Cynthia went above and beyond to make my gift box special and I really appreciate πŸ˜› Here’s photos of Yoko in one of her outfits! I absolutely love the knitted pieces and shoes!

I am in love! You can expect more photos of the girls in their new outfits soon as well as an unboxing of my gift on my doll channel, DollieLovex3. I hope for decent weather in the next couple days, so I can get some good quality outdoor photos with my cuties! πŸ™‚

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