Goodbye To The Doll Nursery

Hey doll friends πŸ™‚

In my YouTube video, I’m Back! I talked about the changes I was making to my doll space as well as my collections. Today, I wanted to show you all how my redesigned art studio space is coming along. I decided to revamp my “doll room” to make it geared more towards my art profession and what I aim to accomplish with my artwork this year. In order for me to excel in my art goals, I know I needed a space dedicated to my craft. So here it is!

I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of completely leaving the reborn doll hobby, but let’s be honest..I don’t think I could 100% go through with that! I’ve sold a few dolls since moving back into our home, but I am still enjoying the ones you see in my Doll Collection Gallery. I update it frequently to better reflect my current collection when dolls come and go. However, it is a possibility that in future years I’ll be putting this hobby aside for ball jointed dolls and more art related things. I’m excited to see where this new change takes me (and I’m glad my YouTube subscribers are as well!) I do have a really fun and exciting reborn doll related news, but I’ll have to wait until later to share πŸ™‚

Anyway, the painting redesign of my studio room is finally complete! I worked so hard on it and I am so proud with how it came out; especially being that it was a Pinterest idea (we know how those can go sometimes!)


Next, I’ll be adding my furnishings piece-by-piece since they are pricey and you know…bills & adulting come first! I plan to add a matching rug, an adjustable standing desk, a drawing desk and a Secret Labs gaming desk chair. I can’t wait to see it all finished..and even more so, so I can get back to creating art and doll content in my new room!

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