5 Tips For Giving Your Doll The Perfect Name

I will admit, it is not always easy in finding the right name for your beloved mini me of a doll. Most often, names that you may like are over used, or worse, remind you of something (or someone) that isn’t so pleasant. Since I am going through the same process with my new ball jointed dolls, I wanted to share some tips on how I name my dolls!

Tip #1 Inspiration

This may sound like an odd tip, but hear me out! When you pin point your inspiration for a name, it’s easier to narrow down the search. If you love flowers and nature, perhaps an Earthy or seasonal inspired name will do. If you’re in love with Paris lifestyle ( or any culture outside of your own)..maybe a French or other cultural name will be the one.

Fun Fact: I started naming my reborn dolls after people I found to be charming in my life, or names I’d just heard and fell in love with. I never realized they all started with the letter T, like my name, until later!

Tip #2 Choose A Letter

Once you’ve been inspired by something, wether it’s nature, the seasons, or favorite TV show/Book characters, you’re ready to choose a letter. Are you adventurous and want to find a unique name with the letter X. Or maybe something similar to your own name. This is just a starting point, I often bounce through the alphabet before I land on my favorites πŸ™‚ This is also a good time to figure out how long you want the name to be, or how many syllables it will have.

Example: My name, Tamara, has 3 syllables. (Tuh-Mar-UH). I’m no English language teacher, but you get my point.

Tip #3 Make A List

I highly recommend making a list of your favorites, along with the meanings. Knowing what your chosen names mean, may help in narrowing down the search. Perhaps you love a name, but the meaning is not so sweet and innocent. My nickname, Mara, actually means “Bitter, angry or mad”. Eh, I’m not too excited about that! XD

Tip #4 Combine Names

When you’re stuck between two names you really love, it may be possible to combine the two to create your own unique name! You can even give it your own meaning based off of the original names meaning. This is what I did for my first ball jointed doll.

Tip #5 Ask Your Friends

I am always curious in knowing which names stick out most to my doll friends and family members. Sometimes another person’s perspective can spark an idea for a new name, or a hybrid of two names that you love and can’t choose between. This is also a good time to practice saying your doll’s name out loud (or typed) to see if it feels natural to you. If you hesitate in remembering your doll’s new name, then it’s probably not the one! (Don’t feel bad, I go through this a lot)

Now that you have these tips under your belt, you’re ready to find that perfect name for your doll!

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