Dollie Updates: New resin on the way!

WARNING: This post contains doll nudity! If you’re uncomfortable with this, please check out another post πŸ™‚

Happy Monday, all <3

I’m super excited to share some happy doll news with you all…I am expecting two new ball jointed dolls in the mail! In my most recent doll-related post discussing my thoughts on Recast Dolls, I revealed my latest purchase of a Puyoodoll Kumako Ruru in production from HeheBJD (AliExpress). Well, the time has come for her to head home to the USA! The seller updated me with a photo of her face up and the body blushing I requested.

I am super thrilled with my selection of Brown resin and the request for dark brown body blushing on the hands and feet. My goal was to better accentuate her bear-like qualities. You can really make out her little bear claws on her hands (or paws!) now! I’ll be doing an unboxing of this cutie as soon as she arrives. I don’t see many collectors posting about this doll (recasts or authentic ones), so I’ll be happy to provide some content and answer any questions I can. I’ve already come up with a name for her, too!

Secondly, I am welcoming another MSD sized girl into my collection; Alice in Labyrinth Daryl sculpt. She is an authentic doll, purchased second hand from a collector on Den of Angels doll forum. I’m pretty lucky to have found her as this doll is no longer being offered by AiL anymore. πŸ™‚ I immediately fell in love with her body style and the classic ball joints she has. (Fun fact: Originally, all BJDs had ball shaped joints until new designs were created to assist with better mobility and possibility of the dolls; like the “peanut” shaped joints!) This girl is around 38cm and will be a little shorter than my LUTS Kid Delf Muhwa (Yoko). She also has a chubby child-like body type..which I am in love with! I honestly wish I could find more dolls with this body type as it is my favorite. I’l definitely be looking at Alice in Labyrinth in the future for other dolls. I’ve already contacted my favorite BJD face up artist, Pikko Chan of Resin Junky on working her magic for a new face. Recently, Pikko posted this commission and I fell in love! Having a sweet pink-themed girl would be a dream πŸ™‚ This aesthetic hasn’t “worked” for any of my dolls so far so I am looking forward to seeing it come together with this girl.

Photo Credits: Instagram @pikko_chan of Resin Junky

So far, that is all the dollie news I have to update you on. No new developments on the horizon for my reborn doll collection as I am pretty content with it at the moment.

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