Dollie Plans, Video Games and What I’m Doing

Happy Friday, Dollie lovers! I have made it through another work week and I welcome the weekend with open arms. πŸ™‚ I hope everyone has a had a great week, as well. I wanted to check in and let you all know my thoughts and tell you what I’ve been up to.

Future Dollie Adoption Plans

I have no immediate plans for my Blythe doll collection or BJDs, but I always day dream about expanding! Ultimately, I’d like to own 6 Blythe dolls and 10 Ball jointed dolls. I fee like six is a nice number for a collection, especially one that is expensive and can quickly take up a lot of space. I’d love to install some floating shelves in my doll nursery to display them properly, and keep the top of my dresser and desk free for other things.

As for reborn dolls, I anticipating one dollie adopting later this Summer! After the move, I didn’t foresee any reborn doll adoptions happening for a long time…and then Mary Kate from Hill County Reborns came a long! She has presented me (once again) with an amazing opportunity the I just can’t refuse. Last month, I started clearing out my artwork inventory and posted artwork for sale. MK and her daughter Steph fell in love with my unicorn pieces and she proposed an art trade with me. In exchange for 6-7 commissioned paintings for her daughter’s new room decor, she will be creating for me a custom made toddler! Isn’t that awesome?!

MK gave me the option of Amaya by Ping Lau and the new Teegan by Ping Lau. I have mentioned before that I’d like twins of the Amaya sculpt, but after seeing more of them being created I had a change of heart. I’m not so fond of this sculpts limbs. Teegan was new to me (as I haven’t been keeping up with new kit releases) so I Google searched what she looked like. I instantly fell in love with her!

“Teegan” Sculpted by Ping Lau // Reborn by Artist April Yap (Sweetie Pie Nursery)

I have been wanting to adopt an Asian reborn baby for awhile now, but none of the sculpts previously on the market appealed to me. This girl is absolutely perfect and Ping Lau’s work is always so beautiful! I can’t wait to see MK bring this girl to life for me. I haven’t hammered out exact details just yet, but I’m leaning toward a traditional dark haired and light skin, look. I enjoy how MK does freckles so much, so it’s hard not to go that route again, like with Tuesday Elisabeth. We shall see!

Animal Crossing New Leaf & More

Animal Crossing game stills from @StrawberryCrosser on Instagram <3

It’s a shame to admit this, but I haven’t picked up a video game controller since middle school; when the original Tekken and Playstation first debuted. My husband-to-be is a video game guru, holding record breaking titles in games like Gundam, and I can barely tell you what game consoles are even relevant in this century. Sad! I want that to change though! I want to find games that I will enjoy and then have something to talk about with my guy. I’ve seen a lot of doll collectors (and artists I admire) who rave about how fun the game Animal Crossing is. After only 10min. of research I realize this game title (available on iOS/Android app as well as PC and Nintendo) is very popular and with a cult following. I’ve even came across whole Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing the virtual world that people create. I’m super intriqued.

This past week the big E3 gaming conference kicked off with several companies debuting the release of much awaited new games. Nintendo’s Animal Crossing is also releasing a new segment to the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons. Before I got too ahead of myself, I wanted to play the earlier releases of the game and I came across Animal Crossing Happy Home. I am strange in the fact that I like two types of games. 1 on 1 fighting (Like Tekken and Street Fighter) and anything to do with decorating or dressing up. (I don’t know how much money I spent as a kid with iMVU..who remembers that virtual life game?!) Happy Home is all about decorating residents homes and building a community; I’m excited! Hubby has a Nintendo 3DS XL that he doesn’t use, so it’s all mine! I plan to buy the games this weekend and spend some time figuring the game system and game out.

There are other cute games I played and enjoyed, but they are on older systems like Playstation 3 and since most of our stuff is all mixed up and packed away, it’ll be awhile before I can break them out again. Not to mention one of our TVs just got sent out for repair. Ultimately, I’d love to play World of Warcraft and The SIMS again. Back in the early 2000’s I had just learned of these PC games and was absolutely hooked, but my computer went out and I was never able to return. Hubby is great at building high powered computers and is happy to make me one just for gaming in the future πŸ™‚

My Life, Lately

When it comes to YouTube, I have been dialing it back some. Honestly, the way YT has been formatted now in terms of earning money from creating content, just isn’t what it used to be. I am not the type of content creator to put out videos to shock people, in order to gain watch time; it’s just not me. I’m also not for the foolishness that people like to show in order to make a buck. So, I have been doing videos as I see fit and not stressing out so hard worrying about the income from it. I think I lost sight of why I started making the videos in the first place; because it’s fun. So, I am getting back to that!

In turn, I’ve been able to focus more on my artwork and my career. I am picking up a new art skill of digital drawing and illustration; something I’ve wanted to do for a couple years now. Now that I have an iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate I can do that. I also plan to get back to my meditation practices and reading more books, because adulting is hella stressful. I’m excited for what the future holds, but that’s all for now!

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