Doll Plans For 2022

Update Feb. 15, 2022 : I’ve sold a lot of these dolls since this post! I’ll be uploading a collection video soon on YouTube! I have a plan of where I want my collections to go and parting ways with some, is what’s going to make me happy!

It’s a mid-week update; who’s excited for the weekend? I am always ready to welcome a day where I don’t have to go in early to work. I value my sleep, greatly πŸ˜› Today, I am chatting about my doll plans for this new year.

As of last night, Reborn Daddy and I are finally back living in our home: !: I am so happy, grateful and thankful for everyone’s prayers and well wishes during this long five month hiatus away from our usual social media activity. Although we’re living in our home, there is still a lot left to be done before we can get back to our usual schedule. We are currently up to our ears in boxes and bags, still awaiting furniture and there still remains construction to be done around the house. πŸ™„ In time, I know things will slowly come together but for now I am just glad to be sleeping in my own bed at night.

Say Good-bye to the Doll Nursery

This brings me around to what am I going to do with my dolly room, now ❓ For a time, having my own doll nursery space was a dream and I was blessed to have it come true in 2018 when we purchased our own home. Now that we’ve undergone a remodel, I find myself letting go of that and growing into something else. I’ve always wanted my love for art and career in Graphic Design to be a major part of my work space…so having a space that fits those needs is ideal. I actually want an office to be more productive. πŸ™‚

My Reborn Collection

For a time I went back-and-forth of parting with my reborn doll collection and leaving the hobby. Especially when all the drama kicked up in the reborn doll community. πŸ™„ However, after much thought I find it very hard to part with any of my dolls ❗ I love them all a great deal; each for a special reason. I even decided to take Sage off of the market after having a change of heart. πŸ™‚ I am comfortable with my current collection and I don’t see myself being able to easily let go any of them. Will I add any new babies ❓ Initially I had plans to, but that has changed for now and I am not expecting any. Here’s my current crew:

  • Robyn Cassidy – Lou Lou by Joanna Kazmierczak – Pura Vida Babies
  • Adrian Davis – Lou Lou by Joanna Kazmierczak – Cat Creations Reborns & Silicones
  • Courtney London – Realborn Johannah Asleep by Bountiful Baby – Cat Creations Reborns & Silicones
  • Mya Brielle – Realborn Ever by Bountiful Baby – IncredaBabies Art
  • Mallory Nicole – Adele by Ping Lau – The Pampered Stork Nursery
  • Emiko Yuna – Keiko by Jorja Pigott – Pura Vida Babies
  • Hayden Rose – Nino by Vincenzina Care – Pumpkin Sparkles Babies
  • Sage Elise – Realborn Joseph 3 Month by Bountiful Baby – Milly’s Moon Nursery

My Ball Jointed Doll Collection

I’ve grown increasingly more in love with my ball jointed doll collection, as well ❗ I find myself making plans to add more to the ranks. I really enjoy the anime style dolls that I’ve purchased from AliExpress. Despite the outcries of opinions with the sellers on that platform, I really am happy with my purchases and plan to make more. πŸ˜€ I want to have a matching anime style girl for each one of the beautiful IAmSunnie lolita doll dresses I’ve purchased. I’ve also become more interested in 1/3 size dolls, too! I’d like to get a 1/3 girl as well as “age up” Yoko‘s character with a taller and more mature MSD body. Here’s who I have in my resin family so far:

  • Yoko Kitagawa – LUTS Kid Delf Muhwa in Realskin Brown
  • Sebastian Yoshiro – LUTS Senior Delf Loid in Normal Skin
  • Mishka Nekomara – LUTS Model Delf Lio in Strawberry Skin
  • Lilith Darkchild – Aimerai Stardust in Puce skin
  • Melody Larue – Fairyland Minifee Sleeping Chloe in Normal skin
  • Teddy – PUYOODOLL Kumako Ruru
  • Behr – PUYOODOLL Kumako Lala
  • Emi Nagisa – PUYOODOLL Kumako Egg #01

I’m quite happy with how my collection has turned out going into 2022. I can’t wait to see what new additions I have by year’s end πŸ™‚

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