Doll Fashion: Building my BJD Wardrobe

One of the main reasons I wanted to jump into the ball jointed doll hobby was because of the fun customizations you can make to these dolls. My favorite type of customization is fashion; no surprise, right!? Any accessory or outfit piece that humans have, you can find for your dollies or make yourself. In the future I plan to try my hand at sewing doll clothes, but for now, I wanted to invest in a starter wardrobe so my new doll won’t be naked and bald for too long.

For now, my first BJD remains nameless. After chatting with a couple dolly friends who are also interested in BJDs, their advice is to get to know my doll and figure out her fashion style first/personality. Her name will follow after, once her look is completed. I am taking this advice, so I am not going to force her name. This hobby sure is different from reborn dolls in many ways! I plan to talk about that in future posts, too.

My first two fashion styles were something sweet and also more edgy. Two fashion styles I actually like for myself. Between Etsy sellers and Ebay, I found what I was looking for.

Sweet and Innocent

I love the lolita fashion, but I still wanted my doll to have a mature look while still remaining sweet, so I opted for casual shoes and less accessories than the Sweet Lolita look. I also wanted a casual version, so sneakers and a hoodie were added to the wardrobe. Of course, everything has pink and white.

  1. PF 108 Pink And White Dress/ Dress/ Outfits Bow 1/4 MSD DOD
  2. 1/4 BJD Doll Hoodie Clothes Shorts Outfit and Suit MSD Pink
  3. PF 48 Pink Flower 1/4 MSD DOD BJD Dolfie Medium Heel
  4. 1 Pair Pink Lace Up Canvas Shoes Sneaker
  5. PF 10 White Sexy Net Pants/ Stockings/ Socks 1/4 MSD
  6. Lolita Style Dresses by IamSunnie on Etsy

Punk and Edgy

In cooler months, I enjoy wearing dark monochromatic color schemes (grey, black, and dark maroons). I’ve taken that inspiration and purchased some clothing along those favorite is definitely the boots.

6-7. Punk and Edgy clothing for BJD by MKDollsArt on Etsy

8. 1/4 BJD Leather Shoes MSD Dollie Dream Cross Punk

Overall, I am excited about the looks I am creating and I can’t wait to build on my new girl’s style and personality.

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