Doll Fashion: Bad Gal Style & Shopping For BJDs

I’m so excited that some of the clothing pieces that I ordered are finally starting to come in the mail. One of the only down sides to having a ball jointed doll collection, is having to wait quite awhile. Not only are you waiting a minimum of 2 months for a doll to arrive, but you can wait 30 days or more for outfit pieces to come as well. It’s definitely a hobby of patience and I could stand to learn the lesson.

Since I’ve been so wrapped up in work and house stuff, the time flew by for me. I received my Etsy order from MKDollsArt last week or so. This Polish doll clothing designer has style for sure! I got the majority of my bad girl biker/goth style pieces from this shop. You can find details on all the clothing I ordered in my last post about Building My BJD Wardrobe.

The boots have to be my absolute favorite part of the ensemble. It came together just as I had envisioned it. My girl still remains nameless and hasn’t had her grand debut just yet, but once her hair arrives I think I’ll have a better idea of what to name her. For now, she sports this temporary honey blonde wig.

What I Learned While BJD Clothes Shopping

Aside from needing patience, one of the biggest lessons I learned was that when shopping for clothes you have to be careful with sizes. I assumed that if I found items in 1/4 MSD size that they would automatically fit. How wrong I was! I ended up ordering several pairs of shoes that are 1- 1.5cm bigger than my doll’s foot! It may not sound like a lot, but it’s the difference between a perfect fit and total Bozo The Clown shoes. >.< With that being said, I have created a new article to help you all who are new to the BJD hobby like me. Learn from my mistakes! Luckily, these boots didn’t look too bad (unlike the Pink Sneakers I bought!)

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