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I am always happy to help those who are looking to get started in the hobby of reborn doll collecting! Collecting dolls has grown to be a real passion of mine, and I don’t feel as if finding that perfect doll should be a secret! With that being said, I am only a helper. Please, read the following before you decide to contact me. I’d hate for you to be disappointed in my response!

DollieLove Is Not A Reborn Doll Artist

I am a graphic design artist, by profession, however I am not a reborn doll artist. I wish I were able to offer these services, but I do not. I am only a reborn doll collector, sharing my knowledge on the hobby through the experiences I’ve had over the last 8 years of collecting these dolls. I am not able to take any custom reborn doll orders, so please stop inquiring about it. You cannot purchase a Tatiana Lacey doll from me. These dolls are were custom made for me by an artist and not mass produced for marketing.

None Of My Collection Is For Sale

Please, stop (rudely) requesting that I send my reborn dolls to you for free or asking me to sell them. If, at any time, I felt the need to sell my reborn dolls, everyone would know about it! As of now, none of my reborn dolls are for sale. I also, do not plan to host any giveaways for a free reborn doll at this time. These specialized collectable dolls are very expensive; giving one away for free is just not in my budget at the moment.

Reborn Dolls Are Not For Small Children

I have been asked many times by parents in search of “affordable/cheap” reborn dolls for their child’s birthday or an upcoming holiday. The short answer is, reborn dolls are not cheap and none of them are suitable for children. If you are wanting a doll for your child that costs less than $100, I suggest looking into purchasing Paradise Galleries dolls. They are beautifully crafted dolls that are a step-up from basic store-bought dolls, however reborn dolls are meant for adult collectors 18 and over. Most dolls have loose parts and accessories that can be choking hazards for small children. You will not find a realistic, well crafted reborn doll that is less than $100. These are meant as collector’s items and not for daily/constant play, like regular child baby dolls. Please, do not be offended; these are only suggestions for your child’s safety.

I Cannot Contact A Reborn Doll Artist For You

I am a regular customer and doll collector like anyone else. I cannot make any special house calls to a specific reborn doll artist on your behalf. I cannot deliver any messages. When I contact a reborn doll artist for myself; inquiring about a custom doll order, I must await their response just as you would. Sometimes, I do not receive a response at all! I am just like you and I do not receive any special treatment. My only advice to you is to contact the doll artist on their various outlets (Instagram, personal webpage, or Facebook) and patiently await a response. Please note, that begging for a free doll will immediately get you blocked. These artist have families to take care of, and have no time for such foolishness. Artists will also only do business transactions with adults, 21 and over.