Choosing A Gender For Your Reborn Doll

A Special Note About This Topic: I am very aware that in the world we live in today, gender roles and the varying degrees of gender are ever-changing, evolving and being defined by each individual. Each person deserves to be respected and represented as they so choose. However, in the Reborn doll hobby, gender is always followed by the “assignment at birth”. These dolls are seen as real babies, therefore only two genders are an option to choose from in the infancy stage.

Today I am back on the topic of reborn doll gender. If you missed my last post discussing how changing the gender of your doll could help in bonding, check it out here. I decided to revisit this topic in a new way since I am facing a challenge of my own when it comes to my newest little, Hayden. So, how does a collector choose the gender of their new doll? Here are my own personal points that help me decide:

What I Like To Consider When Choosing Dollie Gender

Sculpt – Often times the gender is chosen when a doll artist is sculpting the original parts to be cast in vinyl or silicone. They have a vision and inspiration as they work. Some doll’s features are purposefully exaggerated to give way to one gender (or ethnic group) more than the another.

Reborn Doll Artist’s Portrayal – Like with sculptors, painters of the doll sculpts also bring their visions to life. Some reborn artists even name their dolls prior to being sold. This is to give potential clients a “feel” for the doll in one gender or another (and to make you fall in love with him or her!) Hair can also be painted or rooted in a certain way to portray more boy or girl features.

Clothing Options – Believe it or not, I usually choose to make my dolls girls because of the fashion factor! Dressing up my dolls has always been a big part of my enjoyment in the hobby. Girl clothing is plentiful with more options in my opinion. I also have a very large collection of girl clothes already; so I am saving money without having to buy new items.

Originality – I know even with a limited edition sculpt, you can find some dolls being owned by collectors in one gender more than the other. Take the Nino sculpt by Vincenzina Care for example. Most all of the finished versions of this sculpt I’ve seen are boys. I wanted to be different and have a girl. But, now I am not so sure…as you can see XD

A photo of Hayden wearing her cute knitted lion bonnet. She definitely looks more like a boy in this photo!

Over the last week I have had Hayden, my fiancé has been quite vocal about the gender of this reborn being a BOY. To the point so, that I am actually considering it! I even put up a poll asking my friends and viewers on Instagram what there opinions were..and they agreed Boy was the way to go. Now I am in a dilemma trying to choose! I know I’d love and enjoy Hayden in my collection no matter why is this so difficult?

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