Inexpensive Resin Ball Jointed Dolls

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Today, I wanted to talk about some of the inexpensive resin BJD companies that I have came across. In my last post, re-introducing Bash, I mentioned my interest in BJDs had went downhill a bit and I was working to find my passion again. Well, it didn’t take long! I have been researching and browsing new doll companies to shop for. Especially ones that are more budget-friendly. Affordable BJD Alternatives are great, but in my opinion, nothing is like having a true resin ball-jointed doll.

I have only owned a doll from one of these brands; MYOU Doll. My first girl, Miyoami was from this company and I was thrilled with her. Since, she has been re-homed but I do plan to own an MYOU Doll again. As for the others, I am only online window-shopping, so I can’t give any personal experiences with them. As always, use discretion when shopping online!

Below are a few dolls from each category. Visit a dealer’s webpage or the main company webpage for the whole selection! So, here are my findings:


I have found limited information is available on the English version of MYOU’s main website:, however further information can be found about specific dolls and sizes on Den of Angels web forum. MYOU is a resin ball jointed doll company housed in China. The company began creating and selling BJDs in 2015. On the main website (and some company dealer websites) you are able to add extras to your doll order, such as the clothing, wig and shoes you may see in the model photos, for an extra fee! These options are collectively called a full set. This company offers dolls in the following size categories at these listed prices as of 2020:

  • 1/3 Scale (58-60cm) $390 USD
  • 1/4 Scale (40-44cm) $227 USD
  • 1/6 Scale (27-30cm) $205 USD*
  • 1/8 Scale (17-18cm) $138 USD
  • Big Baby (40-42cm) $310-330 USD**
  • Quadratic Element (40cm) $330 USD***

* – The 1/6 Scale MYOU Dolls come in traditional YoSD features (chubby and child like) as well as with more mature features often seen with 1/4 scale dolls (slimmer with mature faces).

** – Big Baby line are scaled up versions of traditional YoSD features. These dolls are usually 1/4 size, but still retain the chubby baby like features of a smaller YoSD doll.

*** – Quadratic Element is a new line of MYOU Dolls that are 1/4 scale but have anime character features like large expressive eyes and small line drawn mouths.


ResinSoul has been creating resin BJDs since 2006. This company is based in China and is known for their human hybrid dolls that feature elves ears and cat ears. Their dolls seem to cover a large size range, making the prices affordable for even the largest of dolls.

  • 1/3 Scale (60-70cm) $190-260 USD
  • 1/4 Scale (40-5cm) $135-208 USD
  • 1/6 Scale (20-30cm) $100-158 USD
  • 1/8 Scale (15cm) $75 USD
  • Animals $110 USD

Doll Leaves

This company was founded in China in 2010. Their large selection of beautifully crafted dolls offer some of the most unique makeup options I have seen yet..all for an affordable price. Their sizing range from large 70cm+ dolls all the way to infant/baby bjds!

  • 70cm $460 USD
  • 1/3 Scale $370-420 USD
  • 1/4 Teenage Dream $159-229 USD
  • 1/6 Scale $138 USD
  • 20cm (Pricing Unavailable Sold Out)
  • 16cm Angel $115 USD
  • 12cm Angel – Babies (Pricing Unavailable Sold Out)

Mystik Kids

Founded around 2016-2017, this Chinese company offers ball-jointed dolls in 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6 scale only. What I like most about this company, is you’re also able to buy the head separate from the body. So, if you’re looking for a new face for your doll, but don’t need a body, you can purchase it alone! A lot of companies offer bodies separately, but not heads. Overall, I think they have beautifully diverse sculpts, with varying facial features too!

  • 1/3 Scale $368-479 USD
  • 1/4 Scale $199 USD
  • 1/6 Scale $138 USD
  • Heads Separately $39-110 USD*

*- Prices of single doll head are dependent on the size of doll.

BJD Dealers

There are many other legit resin cast BJD companies that offer beautiful dolls for under $500 USD. You simply have to do your research for them. This is only a very small sample of them. On this post, I tried to feature companies that have main webpages that are in English with USA currency showing, to make the shopping experience easier. A lot of other websites are in Chinese/Korean/Japanese language only (like Angel of Dream brand) or they may not have a home site and can only be purchased through dealer websites (such as Kid Sky brand and DollFamily-A and DollFamily-H).

A dealer website is a reseller of several BJD company brand dolls. If you fancy having a one-stop-shop experience for dolls/accessories, these are the sites you’ll enjoy the most. The benefit of purchasing through dealer website is you’re guaranteed to have English language shown and USD prices. Finding a dealer in your home country is a plus as well, so you can save money on international shipping fees. (I spent over $100 USD in shipping alone when I ordered a doll from LUTS in Korea! 😐 ) Some dealers also offer their customers layaway on their orders. These sites also have a variety of accessories for you and your doll: clothing, shoes, wigs, eyes and carrying cases. Here are a few dealer websites that have been recommended to me by trusted friends in the hobby who have collected for many years. I have personally purchased from BJDivas, The Junky Spot and Doll Peddlar in the past. You can find my review of those companies on my Artist Reviews page. Dealers listed in the USA are denoted below for conveinance:

I hope this brief overview of inexpensive BJD companies was helpful for someone out there interested in the hobby! As always, I also recommend adopting BJDs second hand, as the market there has some real gems for affordable prices or bargains as well.

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