Update: My Doll Collection 2021

In the last few weeks I have come to realize my extracurricular hobbies are taking up a lot of my funds that could go towards other things (and hobbies!) For the rest of the year I have committed to a no-buy in order to replenish savings and square away small debts. That includes no doll accessories, either! *pray for me* Reborn Dolls With the arrival of Emiko Yuna, I have completed all of ... Read the Post

WIP: Reborn Baby Name Reveal

I am back with another update on my precious Keiko by Jorja Pigott that is in it's Work in Progress stage. We are reaching the finish line on the creation of this cutie and I grow more excited with each artist update. In my last post WIP: Baby Name Options I shared with you my name options, I'm happy to announce I've chosen a name for this reborn baby GIRL: Emiko Yuna Happy smiling ... Read the Post

WIP and Baby Name Options

I have been having a tough time as of late with "adult" problems to deal with. One thing I love about the reborn doll hobby is that it gives my mind a break and allows me to settle on something joyous and easy-going when things get hectic and stressful. Lately, I have been enjoying the frequent updates Lauren (Pura Vida Babies) has been sending me on my newest reborn cutie. This week, blushing ... Read the Post