Why diversity is important in the Reborn Doll Industry

If you have been aware of the social climate in the last few months, you know that the world has been awakened with trailblazers crusading for justice and equality. However, it is not just now that this call for diversity and representation has been made in the Reborn Doll community. This topic has been on the table for discussion for quite some time. As a whole, sculptors, artists and doll ... Read the Post

Review: Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls

I have been in a shopping frenzy purchasing all the cute new dolls that are featured on store aisles, lately. Today, I wanted to share my experience with you about the Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls by MGA Toys. You can find these dolls for retail price around $20 USD in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and online with Amazon. Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls are soft cloth stuffed dolls with printed facial ... Read the Post

Toy Haul: L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Dolls

I am back with another fun toy haul! Today, I am showing you all my recent L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Fashion Doll purchases. I was smitten with these outrageous millennial girls when they first hit the scene, but couldn't keep up with their many releases. Over time, I forgot about them and somehow found my way back to being in love with them. Shoutout to my friend Lucy Hellsing for helping me narrow ... Read the Post