Meet my new BJD boy, Bash!

Since February and adopting my first BJDs I've learned my likes and dislikes. With that being said, Miyoami, one of my first purchases has since found a new home for herself and now I welcome in a new resin character to my dollie family. Meet, Sebastian Yoshiro :D Welcome Home, Bash! For starters, this boy is is a large SD sized doll measuring about 62cm (23-24in.); a huge contrast to ... Read the Post

Mori Kei Fashion with Yoko Kitagawa

Even though it is officially Fall, it is still very warm here in Louisiana with temperatures creeping into the triple digits at least once a week. While I haven't been able to pull out my riding boots and favorite scarves yet, I can still enjoy the season with my dolls! Thanks to my lovely new friend Cynthia and the gift box she sent me filled with beautiful BJD clothing, Yoko can enjoy some Fall ... Read the Post

Doll Fashion: Fall Photoshoot with Tuesday-Elisabeth

I have been enjoying my new camera, the Sony a5100, a bunch! Higher quality videos and photographs is definitely a plus for me. Having both in one, easy-to-carry digital camera was one of my main selling points when it came to finding new tech. I am so glad I have it! After learning the menu navigation on the Sony and tinkering with settings that work best for the content I wanted to create, I ... Read the Post